Patriots and Greyhounds Win

Well Superbowl LI turned out to be BRILLIANT.

What looked like a one sided thrashing, turned into the best Superbowl so far with the Patriots winning the game in overtime. And making Tom Brady the first quarterback to win 5 Superbowls.


5 times Superbowl winning quarterback, Tom Brady

Of course there has to be a down side to such a great game, this had 2.

1: The game was shown on Channel 7, who completely ruined the game by putting ads on at every possible moment. Imagine, a 3 minute ad break, come back to the game to see a kick off and return all of which lasts about 15 seconds. So we can have another ad break of 3 minutes.

2. During one of these incessant breaks I decided to make a cup of tea. I was having my lunch of chicken and chips, so I put the plate down and went to the kitchen to make the tea.

This is the sight I returned to.


“You put the plate down, I thought you were finished”

Rassilon had his breakfast early in the morning and he had a snack during the game, but the skinny look of a greyhound is deceiving. Luckily I was fairly full.

Congratulations, New England Patriots



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