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Question answered

When people meet Rassilon, there are 2 questions ALWAYS asked.

1…Is he a rescue dog?

2. Whats his name.

Well, the first question is easy. Yes, but he never raced. He was raised in the kennels. The second question is mostly asked twice. The standard answer, His name is Rassilon, it comes from Dr Who.

People still usually don’t get his name, so I have fixed the problem and Rassilon will answer the question himself from now on.


My name is…


Easter is coming

Tomorrow I go for my TDS training. There is already a vacancy at Daws Park Nursing Home, so if / when I complete the training, Rassilon and I look like being the visitors for the nursing home and Repatriation General Hospital.


As an omen of good luck, I was lucky enough to see the first Easter Grey Bunny of the year.


Grey Bunny.

What a long day

My mother had to go to the Repatriation General Hospital to have an injection in her shoulder, but we couldn’t have it that simple. When she went in to have her blood pressure test, they decided that 235/90 was too high. The doctor gave her some medication to lower the blood pressure, but explained that he was well within his legal rights to send her to the Flinders Hospital. Fortunately the medication worked and the blood pressure dropped to a level where she could have the injection.


On the way home we stopped off at Castle Plaza shopping centre. It isn’t all that great, but they did have some chickens feet.


A nice bit of rain here, but nothing at home.

When I got home and was unloading the car, Rassilon KNEW they were in the car, even though they were in sealed packs. He started bouncing around, so I opened a pack and watched the grey madness as he did zoomies around the garden.

As he was racing around I got a foot out and held it out. He hardly slowed as he raced past and the foot vanished from my hand. He did the same thing 3 times.

So tomorrow I have 4 packs of chickens feet to bag up (bags of 3), and 4 packs of mince to bag up (250g mince per bag).

Yesterday when we went to Reynella, then again today, Rassilon wore his new collar. It is a Dog to Hound collar. He now has 4 of this brand and his Dalek collar, plus he has another one in the mail. I love the dog to hound collars, they are big and colourful, plus they are nice and soft so they don’t hurt Rassilon.


Resplendent in his new collar.


I go to Therapy Dog Service for my training on the 24th of this month, then we are likely to get Repatriation Hospital and Daw Park Nursing Home. Fortunately they are in the same place, and there is free parking. It is also an opening for me to get into Flinders Medical Centre when Repat relocates there at the end of the year.

It should be noted that greyhounds are not the only dogs that like their comfort. I bought my mother a rocking chair. Occasionally she can use it…


This chair has been claimed.

And now for something Greyhound


When I took Rassi to meet the staff at TDS…He lay down and went to sleep.

And so it starts

Well, you were warned. This morning I tried out two of the settings on my new camera. This is the result. Vibrant colours that don’t usually show as bright, and the zoom…Oh I love that zoom.


While out testing the dawn / dusk settings, which highlights the bright colours, I had company, so that let me test the pet portrait setting and play with the zoom. Like I said, Rassilon will have no privacy.


Although he was just behind the car, I could zoom in and not get that in the photo.


Same place, more zoom


Without a tripod, it was too hard to keep the camera still enough not to blur the picture

We went to Reynella yesterday, and Rassilon got lots of pats, but the strange thing was how so many people commented on his colours. Normally we might have one person comment on the brindle, but yesterday there was probably half a dozen. But Rassilon was happy, some  parents let their kids pat him, and Rassi loves kids!


How to upset a greyhound

Today, just for 2 or 3 seconds, Rassilon got upset, and trotted around the lounge with ears up. This is the second time I have felt this, but Rassi obviously felt it more.

Today we had an earth tremor. To be honest it felt like a big truck driving past the house and as I said, it only lasted 2 or 3 seconds.

Apparently there was another one last week, but I didn’t feel that, and there was one last year that was bigger.. The bad news is that Adelaide right up to Sellecks Beach is on a major fault line, and in typical pre-planning genius, the Flinders Medical Center is built right on the fault line.

Still, this minor tremor was enough to upset Rassilon. The bad news is that, according to records, there is a reasonably big earthquake every 30 – 40 years. We are now 63 years since the last ‘big one’.

I will have to keep an eye on Rassilon to see if he has any side effects, or premonitions. But he definitely wasn’t happy today, (but not so upset as to stop him eating).


Oh Yeh! You think you can get away with just ONE biscuit?

Photo bomb coming.

I bought a new camera today. It is a Nikon P900. It is an Instamatic camera (fixed lens and fully programmed), but it is not a pocket style, more a DSLR style. But I bought it because of 1 thing, the zoom.

Of course, Rassilon has now lost ALL PRIVACY. I could say that if he was at the back of the yard I could take his photo, but I would be more accurate if I said, if he was in the next street I could take his photo.

Here is what I mean, and why I bought this particular camera.. For a comparison, try taking a photo of the moon. Can you beat this?




This is what most “household” cameras can get. Pro equipment can do better.


The very high pixel rate means I can blow this up to A3 with NO trouble.


Almost finished


All done without the need to change lenses.

Of course, this means there could well be a flurry of Rassi pix, and once it cools down (3 days and nights with the coolest temperature of 29…during the night) so we can go out again, I can take some. I can take him down to the beach and use his (illegal 15m) long leash, and get pictures of him in (hopefully) the water.


Again, Art Imitates Life


Rassilon also has an aim problem even though he doesn’t cock his leg.

I don’t know who the cartoonist is, but it is obvious they have greyhounds. Until Rassilon settled into home life, I knew nothing about these traits. Now after two and a half years, they are all so recognisable.

Someone else has problems with their greyhound that are not unique. Kilroy’s owners describe one of his foibles, which the cartoonist has also experienced.

Click on the link to see how Kilroy’s owners see the problem, and the cartoon below shows that it is not an isolated case.



I am lucky, this isn’t a one of Rassilons problems.