Today was the day Rassilon went for his Therapy Dog Service Temperament test.

As you can guess, he passed with flying colours. Well, almost. There is a condition to his acceptance. Because he was a bit nervous, they are accepting him into service, but for a while he is only going to be going to one place.

I honestly think Rassilon was just a bit overwhelmed being inside, in a new place. He went to meet some of the residents of the nursing home, and he is used to being outside. He was introduced to one woman (while the TDS staff were watching) but he didn’t go up to her. He then went to see some of the nurses and after that he went back to the woman he ignored first and got patted. The TDS staff were impressed by that.

Rassi was taken near the care center rabbits. He completely ignored them.


What do you expect with a name like RASSILON


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