Bed making 101

After a long day of shopping suffering from unreasonably sore feet (don’t know why), and watching 3 big bash cricket matches, one likes to quickly make a bed, climb in and sleep.

Of course, one has a greyhound, so a simple task like making a bed and climbing in is easier said than done. But there is a bright side (believe it or not).


A big lump in the bed.

I have the foot of the bed propped up with pillows to raise my feet. It helps relieve the pain I have been having recently, and it is also good for lowering high blood pressure. But I normally don’t go with the big lump in the bed.


Surprise, I can see you

While this means I am going to have to curl around Rassilon, who has picked the exact MIDDLE of the bed, when I first got him, he would have run a mile if I had (a) flicked the blanket near him or (b) covered him up. This is what happens in 2 1/2 years.

Of course, having the fan on makes the bedroom cold. It makes it better for me to sleep, but Mr Softy apparently doesn’t like things too cold.


Superspy Rassilon goes under cover


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