Politics Not Known Here

I am not very good with politics. I can’t remember who works for which party here in Australia, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t like/trust any of them. The recent spate of financial rip-offs by Australian politicians hasn’t helped gain my trust either.

The Prime Minister of Australia (who is a multi-millionaire and earns more money than the president of the USA) has been found to have claimed rent for a house when he is in Canberra as taxpayer funded expences. So what is wrong with that? Well the YEARLY rent he claimed was $138,000.00 ($2653.86 per week even though he isn’t there for 52 weeks a year), AND…the house belongs to HIS WIFE.

We were shown Donald Trumps first press conference where he refused to talk to one journalist. I guess he forgets that what they can’t find out they make up.

So re-posting a piece from America should describe my feelings about politicians everywhere.



Billy Connolly once said that the desire to be a politician is the first thing that should disqualify you from the position.


2 thoughts on “Politics Not Known Here

  1. David Post author

    I don’t understand politics, but I do know greyhounds, so I know that if they promise something, people will get it, and that is a GREYT policy.




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