Back to normal

Mitzi has gone home. And I can’t be happier. She made more mess in 19 hours than Rassilon has made in 2.5 years. She stays outside for hours, then comes in and goes to the toilet…3 times!!!

So it is back to normal. Last night I was tired and grumpy after a day at Colonnades shopping center. I was going to watch the cricket, but only managed the first over, then the ads started. Now, if it wasn’t bad enough that they have an ad break after every over (20 overs in 80 minutes) and every time someone is dismissed, it is the SAME ads over and over. So I watched the first over, saw the usual Coles supermarket ad, and turned the TV off and went to bed.

Of course I was not alone. So I stretched out to scratch Rassi’s chest, and got arm locked into staying there.


My mothers doctor went to see her on Tuesday night and told her things were not too good and he sent her for a kidney scan. When she had it, the Radiologist said that the kidneys didn’t look too bad, then asked if she had new medication. She does have new medication and has said from the start that that was the problem. But her doctor gets something in his head, and doesn’t check for anything else.

Her doctor also told an 87 year old woman she had lung cancer, only to find out later that she didn’t. I went to see him to get a form filled in for a drivers licence, and he didn’t even sit down, just ticked everything, signed the form and sent me off. He didn’t even check my blood pressure…a condition I am on medication for. He was running late and I was a way to catch up his time. And that is why I keep telling my mother to change doctors.

As Rimmer so delicately put it in the TV show Red Dwarf

“He has all the bedside manner of an abattoir giblet gutter”.


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