Nature fights back…and wins!

Last year readers would probably have been fed up hearing about the long hot spell we were going through in South Australia. From about mid-October to mid-February, we rarely dropped below 35 during the day. Unfortunately Rassilon prefers cool weather, about 10 to 15 degrees.

So, I thought I would be prepared this year. I bought 2 portable air conditioners and I still have 2 evaporation coolers in the house.

Well this year was definitely better, till yesterday. We have had some hot days, but not the long spell of last year, and the air conditioners have been a great blessing. I have one in the bedroom and one in the lounge, but the temperatures for the last couple of days meant the one in the lounge was a waste of time. Walking into the lounge was like walking into an oven…33 degrees. (44 degrees outside in the shade)

The one in the bedroom had a better chance because the room is a lot smaller. And of course, if you have a greyhound that REALLY DOESN’T like the hot weather, where would you expect to find him?


My dog, My bed, My Air conditioner. It’s a dogs life.

Now, the hot spell hasn’t been as long, but last night was the hottest night since 2009, and to emphasis the how hot it was, it is cooling down tomorrow. It will only be 30 degrees.

Of course I can’t take Rassilon for a walk in this heat because the pavement gets so hot it would burn his feet, so it is a life restricted to the back yard where there is grass to protect him. Also, the direct sun would probably burn a greyhounds thin skin. (Tip from GAP; Put the back of your hand on the ground. If you can’t hold it there for 30 seconds, it will burn your greyhounds paws).

(Remember Australia uses the Celsius temperature scale, so 44C = 111.2F; 30C = 86F)

Late addition; Like last year Rassilon seemed to get hotter and hotter despite the air conditioning. It felt like he was cooking from the inside, so I had to interrupt my cricket viewing to give Rassi a cool bath to try to stop the heat build up. It worked, and he cooled off and stopped panting even though I turned the air con off.

Rassilon REALLY DOESN’T LIKE the heat.


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