Too hot to work.

I went over to my mothers place today to do some tidying up for her. However (thankfully) she decided that at 44 degrees, it was too hot to work, so we sat with the air conditioner on and I got her watching then T20 cricket.

She is/was not a cricket fan, but the T20 is 20 overs per team, so it is big hitting and restrictive bowling. Very exciting. In fact, a couple of games this year have been decided on the very last ball.

Anyway, I went and got some shopping and made lunch, and we sat in the cool. Rassilon was just relaxing when he saw Mitzi going into the kitchen. We all know that FOOD is kept in the kitchen, so that had to be investigated quickly.

And I have to add, I really like this 360 degree camera. The new MONOPOD is all right, but now I have added an extension, you cant see the monopod at all. (I got a monopod rather than a tripod because the legs on a tripod spread out and the camera picks them up.


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