Runaway dog

I went over to my mothers place to take her shopping and do some clearing up, and I bought Rassilon something for the upcoming Australia Day (Jan 26). I got Mitzi one as well.

As we were leaving to come home, we came out the house and Rassi saw a CAT. In about 2 seconds he was across the other side of the road and I heard the cat thump into the fence. Due to “feline deafnessRassilon was off like a rocket.

But…he only went about 3 houses down the road, got fed up and turned and came back when I called to him. And he walked beside me back to the car where he got in and settled down. So nature took control, but then he became that good dog and did what he was told.

When we got home he pestered me for his chooky foot, so complete in his Australia day finery, Rassilon had his frozen snack.


I will be wearing my hat to Reynella tomorrow, so I expect lots of pats.


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