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Life imitates art

As the artist sees greyhound life.




Rassilon copying art.


Fortunately there was no drooling (this time), or snoring.


Not a pet for me.

A pet, in my opinion, should be good looking, friendly and reasonably obedient.

As a result of these requirements I have Rassilon, a greyhound with a mild “Chooky Foot” addiction.



Rassilon, thanks to my list of pet requirements, has been accepted into the Therapy Dog Service. He certainly is handsome, and he showed the testers from TDS that he is both obedient and friendly.

But, readers might remember from some time ago, reading about the meeting, in the bathroom, of a beast that does not, in my opinion, fulfill the pet requirements.

Well, thanks to some of my computerised camera equipment, and about half a can of insect spray, I can share with you WHY I have a greyhound and NOT a huntsman spider for a pet.


He wouldn’t win any beauty contest,


These fangs are solid. Not venomous, but definitely give a painful bite.

There is a difference between venomous and poisonous.

If you bite it and die, it is poisonous.

But, if it bites you and you die, it is venomous.


Today was the day Rassilon went for his Therapy Dog Service Temperament test.

As you can guess, he passed with flying colours. Well, almost. There is a condition to his acceptance. Because he was a bit nervous, they are accepting him into service, but for a while he is only going to be going to one place.

I honestly think Rassilon was just a bit overwhelmed being inside, in a new place. He went to meet some of the residents of the nursing home, and he is used to being outside. He was introduced to one woman (while the TDS staff were watching) but he didn’t go up to her. He then went to see some of the nurses and after that he went back to the woman he ignored first and got patted. The TDS staff were impressed by that.

Rassi was taken near the care center rabbits. He completely ignored them.


What do you expect with a name like RASSILON

You don’t often see this

Like most dog owners, I like to take photos and video of Rassilon. But sometimes you get that “Special”shot that shows your dog in a new light.

I was lucky enough to be able to get just such a photo. Of course, Rassilon has to take a lot of the credit for being so LAZY. If he had actually MOVED when I got up to get a camera, I wouldn’t have got this photo.

So here it is. A different view of Rassilon, my greyhound.




Rassilon, as you have never seen him.

Bed making 101

After a long day of shopping suffering from unreasonably sore feet (don’t know why), and watching 3 big bash cricket matches, one likes to quickly make a bed, climb in and sleep.

Of course, one has a greyhound, so a simple task like making a bed and climbing in is easier said than done. But there is a bright side (believe it or not).


A big lump in the bed.

I have the foot of the bed propped up with pillows to raise my feet. It helps relieve the pain I have been having recently, and it is also good for lowering high blood pressure. But I normally don’t go with the big lump in the bed.


Surprise, I can see you

While this means I am going to have to curl around Rassilon, who has picked the exact MIDDLE of the bed, when I first got him, he would have run a mile if I had (a) flicked the blanket near him or (b) covered him up. This is what happens in 2 1/2 years.

Of course, having the fan on makes the bedroom cold. It makes it better for me to sleep, but Mr Softy apparently doesn’t like things too cold.


Superspy Rassilon goes under cover

Man Vs Greyhound


Tuesday 17th January.

The Tour Down Under cycle race is on.


You won’t see this sign anywhere else but Australia.

That means man is out (okay some men) watching or taking part in the first big bicycle race of the year. One has to admire the fitness and dedication of the riders, even if you have to question their common sense.

It is close to 45 Celsius outside at the moment. And so Rassilon is showing us the proper behavior required in weather like this..


45 outside, just right in front of the air conditioner


Politics Not Known Here

I am not very good with politics. I can’t remember who works for which party here in Australia, but it doesn’t matter because I don’t like/trust any of them. The recent spate of financial rip-offs by Australian politicians hasn’t helped gain my trust either.

The Prime Minister of Australia (who is a multi-millionaire and earns more money than the president of the USA) has been found to have claimed rent for a house when he is in Canberra as taxpayer funded expences. So what is wrong with that? Well the YEARLY rent he claimed was $138,000.00 ($2653.86 per week even though he isn’t there for 52 weeks a year), AND…the house belongs to HIS WIFE.

We were shown Donald Trumps first press conference where he refused to talk to one journalist. I guess he forgets that what they can’t find out they make up.

So re-posting a piece from America should describe my feelings about politicians everywhere.



Billy Connolly once said that the desire to be a politician is the first thing that should disqualify you from the position.