Not quite greyhound…yet

I lashed out and bought a 360 degree camera. Unfortunately, when I had a quick read of the instructions I saw it was a WiFi camera that works with a smartphone.I was a bit disappointed because, although I have a smartphone, because of my hatred for them,I do not have data, preferring just to use it as a PHONE. So I thought I had wasted my money.

Anyway, the next day (today) I read the instructions properly, (if all else fails, read the instructions) and I don’t need to have data on my phone, the camera sends out it’s own WiFi signal and the phone picks it up.

However, at the moment I can only take photos and not video because the camera needs a high speed, class 10 micro SD card for video, which I have had to order, when it arrives, I will have the camera out in the back yard while Rassilon has a zoomie. And I just have to work out how to get that onto the blog (possibly through You Tube like other videos), and I can put up videos of all over the place and of course…Rassilon.


A somewhat deformed view of the back yard. The shed is actually opposite the house.

This photo had to be manipulated by a program I had to download for this purpose. Roll on the arrival of the SD card and the presentation of videos from around the area, the same program converts them as well. It is not a video as that is known, but a 360 degree photo, which I hope the converter will let me move, not just play as a video.

Keep watching for Rassilon Videos from around South Australia.


Rassilon manages to be in front of me, or find the narrowest path and stand right there!


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