Going back to work.

Today I went and saw the Therapeutic Dog Service to see what it was all about and if Rassilon and I would be suitable.


Rassi will get his own coat with ID

Apparently Greyhounds are much sought after in the visiting field because of their gentle nature, so they were quite eager to have us, as they don’t have any greyhounds in service at the moment.

The woman that talked to me said that the visits are for 1.5 hours, after that they find the dogs start to stress, but I think Rassi could manage longer, but I won’t push him.

In a chance to get even with the Flinders Hospital volunteers (where I used to work), TDS have visiting rights to Repatriation General Hospital (yes, I also worked there), but as that hospital is closing, the patients, staff and equipment will go to Flinders, so the TDS visiting dogs will also go. TDS know I worked at the hospitals, so WHEN I join, they might let me go to Repat, and because it is so close, they will definitely let me go to Noarlunga hospital (yes, I worked there too).

So I just have to fill in the application, get Rassilons vet to fill in a form saying he is healthy, pay my $25.00, do a short training course, get Rassilon ‘temperament tested‘ (not going to be a problem) and off we go. (The $25.00 covers the cost of a police check, the ID cards and insurance. They also have someone come with me for a few visits to show me what to do).



Apparently the cartoonist has the same problem.

Rassilon has the run of the whole house and back yard, but for some reason, known only to greyhounds, whenever I pick up the remote control to change TV stations…Rassilon is standing in front of the TV.


Note the look of expectation and the raised front paw. I was holding a Chooky Foot.


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