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Where did this year go??

Rassilon did well over Christmas with plenty of treats.


No, you can’t have it!


For New Year I will still be in my Grinch mode, I will put in some ear plugs, turn on the DVD to drown out street noise, and go to bed nice and early.

Happy New Year to everyone. Lets hope it slows down a bit.

Additional comment.

It is a very comfortable 24 degrees at 9.00pm. Last year I remember well as I saw in the new year giving Rassilon a bath to cool him down in the 40 degree heat. So the weather is better this year.


Not just MY favourite


One of Rassi’s presents from my friends.

I bought a deep fryer a while ago. Oven fried or air fried are healthy, but deep fried tastes good. Unfortunately, it didn’t work, so my Christmas dinner of pie and chips didn’t happen. I just had a family sized pie, but couldn’t eat it all. I thought I would have the second half later. Rassilon had the same thought!!

Anyway, today I decided that something didn’t seem right about the deep fryer not working, so I lowered my standards and read the instructions. Apparently the heating element fits into a special bracket which produces an electrical contact. Final result…the chips were delicious.

The moral of this story...READ THE INSTRUCTIONS FIRST.



I am going to McDonald s for lunch tomorrow.

They say reservations aren’t required.

But I can’t help having them.

A very GREY Christmas

Yesterday I got a phone call from a friend who moved out of the area, inviting me to their daughters place for a Christmas present exchange. Fortunately I had been prepared and bought presents that were different, but incredibly, suitable and very much appreciated.

But then it was my turn. The first present was a food hamper filled with stuff for Rassilon and I. Then I was given the “Piece de resistance, something I didn’t even think of.

I was given a beautifully drawn picture of Rassilon (the main picture from this blog), by Melanie Cocker. It will take center stage on the Rassi wall.


Drawn by Melanie CockerRassilon.

Rassilon stayed at home while I went out because my friends are cat people, plus Rassi is BIG, so would have got in the way what with 2 kids in the place. The other reason he stayed at home with the air conditioner left on was that at 10.30 am it was 44 degrees Celsius.

The 12 days of Christmas…12

Merry Christmas day…

although it isn’t going to be a white Christmas here in South Australia with a forecast temperature of 40 degrees Celsius. It if reaches that, and I think it will, it will be the hottest Christmas day for 70 years and it would make Adelaide the hottest capital city in the world.

The shops were open all day today, but I stayed in for 2 reasons. 1; it was too hot to go out (36) and 2; I feel terrible. My stomach is churning and all I want to do is sleep. But, I have the luck of still having Rassilon come to bed when I go.

Christmas is NOT my favorite time of the year. I think all idea of what Christmas is about has long gone, and it has become a time to buy overpriced presents probably to show off how generous you are. There are all the big Christmas dinners and celebrations. (I saw on TV that a single lobster was $105.00. Cherries are $25.00 kg, and prawns were $40.00 kg). As my protest against Christmas spending, I bought presents for 3 people and my Christmas dinner is going to be a meat pie and chips.



I know just how he feels.

better than people