Just don’t say this to a greyhound.

Well my week was FANTASTIC. My payout money went into the bank, but all my recalculations went out the window. And all to my benefit.

When I was asked how much money I wanted as a payout, I just added all my bills together, added on the rent money for a few months, and a few dollars to survive on. But later I was told I would have to pay 40% tax on the total amount, so I had to recalculate how much I could pay to what until was eligible for welfare payments.

On Thursday (most of) the money was put into my bank. (Medicare hangs onto some until they have verified I haven’t charged anything to them that was work related) (so I still have a few thousand dollars to come). But by Friday lunchtime most of the money was gone.

I had overestimated what I owed on the car, so I was able to pay that loan off completely, so the car is mine. And I got 12 months registration instead of the usual 3 months. I paid off the emergency credit card and closed the account, so no temptation. I took my mother out to lunch, I bought a computer that is designed for graphics work, I bought 2 portable air conditioners (they were priced at $399.00, but when I took them to the check out, they had been reduced to $333.00). And I still have money in the bank, plus more to come from the hospital. So I am now DEBT FREE (until march) and have everything I could want, so I don’t have to buy anything except petrol.

So this afternoon I was watching TV and relaxing in the air conditioned room and I decided to have a snack. Smoked Oysters in BBQ Sauce on biscuits. There is normally 9 in the tin, but this one had 15, so I called Rassilon over and held one out to him with that stupidest of comments to a greyhound. “You wouldn’t eat this, would you”.


Rassi wouldn’t have got this in the kennels

Who would have thought a greyhound would eat smoked oysters in BBQ sauce. And not just one…he came back for seconds!!

Luckily Rassilon is very good when it comes to food. If something is not good for him, he will not eat it, so as he ate the oysters, I presume they aren’t bad for him. So today he has had his (people quality) meat, chicken, chickens feet and a dog treat plus the oysters.

I always thought the saying “It’s a dogs life“was supposed to mean life was hard.


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