Bravery Award.

We went over to my mothers place today, and we went shopping. After that, any work she had planned was NOT getting done. We were both stuffed. My mother was puffed out and breathing hard, and my feet were aching. Apparently I have torn the tendon in the soles of my feet, and the only (impossible) way for them to get better is not to walk on them.

Anyway, this is about a bravery award. Despite being slightly bigger than Rassilons head, MITZI wanted her bone back, and she was going to get it!

Rassilon was chewing away on a rawhide bone he stole from Mitzi, and happened to look up.


Notice the position of the bone in relation to the SAVAGE greyhound.

That was when Mitzi walked in. She didn’t run, just casually walked over and took the bone from between Rassilons paws, and he let her.

(Look at the size of Mitzi’s paws compared to Rassilons)


However…he got even later. He stole and ate her chooky foot. BUT…



For her bravery, Mitzi, has been made an honorary greyhound and presented with the losers special ‘Dalek’ collar.


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