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Enforced Diet

It seems I am going to have to put Rassilon on a diet. When he goes over to my mothers place, he races around the house finding all the food Mitzi has left, then gulping it down as quick as he can. The result was that today, he threw up.

Because I forgot to take his breakfast out of the freezer last night, I bought him some steak, with the idea that he would have to chew a big piece of meat. He didn’t have the same thought and the first 2 (smaller) pieces were just swallowed whole. Luckily the third piece was too big for him, and he had to chew it up.

As a consequence of his greed, I have not given him anything else today, no matter how often he comes and looks over my arm. (See cartoon at end).

Of course, most greyhound owners know of the ‘lean’. Well my mother had been outside but came in to find Rassilon standing in the hallway, his feet about a foot from the wall…leaning against the wall. I had him resting on my knee and I was scratching him, and he was getting close to a 45 degree angle. If I had moves quickly, he would have fallen over.

I did find out, however, that he is more recognizable than me. When we were out shopping, I took my mother to Reynella to see the new Aldi store there. As we came out the shop the caretaker was there and he didn’t recognize me until I spoke to him, and his first comment…Oh No Rassi today. That makes you feel really good!

Any way, we had a look at the new store (same stuff but different layout), went and had a coffee, and I bought myself a new lawn mower. I have 3 already, but the 2 petrol ones won’t start and the electric one is going to kill me because I ALWAYS get the power cord in front of me, and I will run over it. If I put a single electric cord down today and pick it up tomorrow, it WILL be tangled. So long power cables, for me, are an accident waiting to happen. So I bought a battery powered mower.

The big benefits are, 1. No power cord to run over. 2. It is super quiet, so I can mow without disturbing the neighbours, and 3. The grass catcher on this one actually works. But the flies this year are exceptionally bad, so mowing the lawn in the afternoon heat was more of a torture than a chore.

what chainsaws (3)

Resting comfortably after a hard day of eating


Any other greyhound owners recognise this?


Another reason to adopt a Greyhound

As I was browsing the Internet yesterday I found another reason to adopt a greyhound. Of course, many greyhound owners will already know about this, but some don’t use their greyhound to it’s full capacity in the home maintenance area.

Rassilon is allowed on the furniture (chairs and bed, I don’t want him on top of the wardrobe), as long as he isn’t in my way. For example, I allow Rassi on the bed, but he has to move when I get in so I have enough room. (He likes to sleep across the bed). So I am getting the full benefit of the greyhounds service to home maintenance.

So, adding to the reasons to Adopt a Greyhound…flat800x800070f-3



A change for the good

Thursday morning, 8.00 am. I got a phone call from my mother to go over straight away, she didn’t feel well. So forget my coffee, load Rassi into the car and straight over to find my mother sitting in her chair, not at all well. I had to go and get her some hydrating drink because she had been vomiting and had obviously lost a lot of the salts and electrolytes from her body.

She had a drink, and after a few minutes, started to feel better and even had something light to eat, which she managed to keep down. I stayed for a few hours, then, when she was feeling a bit better (the shaking had stopped and she had kept her food down), I left and she went back to bed.

When I left I decided to go and check the mail at Reynella, and I could also have a coffee and Rassilon could get patted. There was competition at the cafe though. A Staffordshire Bull Terrier. Rassi was reasonably happy to go and say hello, but the Staffy was pulling on it’s leash and jumping at people (in a friendly way). It too was 4 years old, but didn’t seem to have had much obedience training. After the initial meeting (when it raced over to Rassilon), he was happy to ignore it.


Staffordshire Bull Terrier. (Apparently it is an ‘image’ dog. Lots of young guys get them because they are  “tough” and that is the image they want).

But Rassilon just stood by me, (belly resting on my knee), and it turns out that more people prefer a calm, gentle, tall, skinny dog than a hyperactive smaller dog, because a lot more people were happy to come up to Rassi and pat him, rather that have the Staffy jumping at them. Rassilon was in his glory when parents let their young children pat him (because the Staffy was too rough for little kids).

This morning we went over to my mother to go shopping and she was up and doing the dishes. She worked out what the problem had been. She was given a lot of new tablets when she had her heart problem and went into hospital.

Last week she had a “medication specialist” nurse come to visit and talk about all the medication. The nurse changed the order she was to take her tablets, it was after that my mother started to feel bad, so yesterday she went back to the way the hospital had given them to her, the result…NOT SICK and FEELING BETTER. So much for experts!

December 3rd. That is the day I go to a meeting of the Therapy Dog Service. I got an email on Wednesday advising me of the date, and they know what sort of dog I have because I wrote and told them and included a picture.


The photo I sent TDS


Did you know that if all the McDonald s workers in the world were to stand hand in hand… you would have to get your own hamburger.




Just don’t say this to a greyhound.

Well my week was FANTASTIC. My payout money went into the bank, but all my recalculations went out the window. And all to my benefit.

When I was asked how much money I wanted as a payout, I just added all my bills together, added on the rent money for a few months, and a few dollars to survive on. But later I was told I would have to pay 40% tax on the total amount, so I had to recalculate how much I could pay to what until was eligible for welfare payments.

On Thursday (most of) the money was put into my bank. (Medicare hangs onto some until they have verified I haven’t charged anything to them that was work related) (so I still have a few thousand dollars to come). But by Friday lunchtime most of the money was gone.

I had overestimated what I owed on the car, so I was able to pay that loan off completely, so the car is mine. And I got 12 months registration instead of the usual 3 months. I paid off the emergency credit card and closed the account, so no temptation. I took my mother out to lunch, I bought a computer that is designed for graphics work, I bought 2 portable air conditioners (they were priced at $399.00, but when I took them to the check out, they had been reduced to $333.00). And I still have money in the bank, plus more to come from the hospital. So I am now DEBT FREE (until march) and have everything I could want, so I don’t have to buy anything except petrol.

So this afternoon I was watching TV and relaxing in the air conditioned room and I decided to have a snack. Smoked Oysters in BBQ Sauce on biscuits. There is normally 9 in the tin, but this one had 15, so I called Rassilon over and held one out to him with that stupidest of comments to a greyhound. “You wouldn’t eat this, would you”.


Rassi wouldn’t have got this in the kennels

Who would have thought a greyhound would eat smoked oysters in BBQ sauce. And not just one…he came back for seconds!!

Luckily Rassilon is very good when it comes to food. If something is not good for him, he will not eat it, so as he ate the oysters, I presume they aren’t bad for him. So today he has had his (people quality) meat, chicken, chickens feet and a dog treat plus the oysters.

I always thought the saying “It’s a dogs life“was supposed to mean life was hard.

With a heavy…belly!

As a child, when people leaned against you, you would ask if they thought you were a “Public Leaning Post”.

Apparently Rassilon DOES.


Not only does Rassilon rest his belly on my knee, he relaxes his legs and lets ME support his weight.


(From the Facebook page of a Scottish cousin, and it was a complete accident I found this, as I REFUSE to have a facebook page, twitter account or any other type of social media. In fact, very few people know my phone number.)


Bravery Award.

We went over to my mothers place today, and we went shopping. After that, any work she had planned was NOT getting done. We were both stuffed. My mother was puffed out and breathing hard, and my feet were aching. Apparently I have torn the tendon in the soles of my feet, and the only (impossible) way for them to get better is not to walk on them.

Anyway, this is about a bravery award. Despite being slightly bigger than Rassilons head, MITZI wanted her bone back, and she was going to get it!

Rassilon was chewing away on a rawhide bone he stole from Mitzi, and happened to look up.


Notice the position of the bone in relation to the SAVAGE greyhound.

That was when Mitzi walked in. She didn’t run, just casually walked over and took the bone from between Rassilons paws, and he let her.

(Look at the size of Mitzi’s paws compared to Rassilons)


However…he got even later. He stole and ate her chooky foot. BUT…



For her bravery, Mitzi, has been made an honorary greyhound and presented with the losers special ‘Dalek’ collar.