Kids or Dogs

I have a greyhound poster…This one.


But I think this needs to be changed. Delete greyhound and insert dog. Because some dogs are like kids, and as long as they can get away with their bad behaviour, they will.

Take Mitzi. When she is at her home she is a fussy eater. She will only eat something once and she does NOT eat biscuits (Rassilon gets a lot of biscuits this way). She won’t eat biscuits at home because she knows my mother will give her something different. When she is with me her choice is, eat or go hungry.

But when she comes to stay with me, life is tougher for her. I don’t ‘molly-coddle’ her like my mother does. She gets her mince in the morning, just like Rassilon, and if she chooses not to eat it, then there is a big greyhound who will, so she misses out, and goes hungry. I won’t pamper her and give her other choices, because I have seen what my mother goes through.

I gave her some mince yesterday and she refused to eat it. (This is human quality meat, not pet meat). So when I let Rassilon out, he finished it off.

During the day Mitzi and Rassilon had some Shmacko’s (flavoured treats), but later I heard a noise in Rassi’s room. There was Mitzi, she had jumped up onto the box Rassilons food bowl is on, and she was eating the biscuits.


Why don’t I pamper her…today she ate her mince and a chickens neck.



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