Busman’s holiday

Well, As of Friday my resignation took effect from the hospital. But thanks to my mother, I was back there on Saturday.

My mother went for some tests on Friday for something in her head that the doctor has been treating her for for a LONG time. The tests came back negative, but her heart was beating way too fast, so she was admitted to hospital.

I got a phone call from the friend that took her, saying she was in the Repatriation General Hospital (RGH), in the intensive care unit (ICU Ward 3). Actually, it was me that added the ‘ward 3’, and I was not as worried as some people might think I should have been hearing she was in ICU. The reason I wasn’t that worried…I worked at RGH for a few months and I know they don’t have an Emergency Department, the closest they have is ICU.

She is now in the Flinders Hospital and coming off the steroid medication her doctor only ever seemed to increased ( we believe it was the medication that was the actual problem), and the doctors have put her on a new medication to slow the heart, which, in the time I was there yesterday, had brought her heart rate down from the 130’s to the high 80’s…much better. Nothing too worrying because, I too, am on tablets to slow the heart rate, and have been for years. (Yes, I definitely notice the difference if I don’t take it).

As a result of the hospitalisation, I am looking after Mitzi again, and she took no time in making herself comfortable.


It’s a dogs life…if your lucky.


In the meantime poor Rassilon was forced to sleep on my bed (not a lot for force was needed though). Mind you, he got even on Sunday morning. He ate Mitzi’s breakfast. (Well she did leave it for too long).


I don’t think I would be comfortable in this position.


You have to imagine that Rassilon was SO TIRED he couldn’t get all the way onto the bed.


Greyhound overhang. But he’s comfortable.


Later today we will to go to Reynella for my coffee, and to see if we can meet the woman we met last week, and get details of the walking group she goes to. It is all greyhounds.

I know Rassilon doesn’t like greyhounds, and I saw how he ran from the dogs at GAP when they came up behind him in a pack. but as this is walking and all the dogs will be on a leash (SA law), I think it will be a good way to let Rassi interact with other greyhounds without them “ganging up” on him.

And if it doesn’t work, we don’t have to go back.


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