The Angel on the Christmas tree.


For so long people have held to the tradition of putting an angel on the top of the Christmas tree, but why?

Where did this custom come from, let me enlighten you all.

Many years ago Santa had a really bad year.

The elves went on strike for better working conditions and more heating.

The reindeer caught foot and mouth.

Mrs Claus wanted a divorce.

AND Jack Frost was threatening to take over Christmas.

Finances were at an all time low with creditors demanding payment for all the stuff used to make the toys.

While Santa was struggling with all these problems, there was a knock at the door.

Santa opened the door and there stood a little angel with a Christmas tree.

I brought you this” said the angel, “Where would you like me to put it“?

And that is how we get the angel on top of the Christmas tree.


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