Sunday again

It is my first Sunday semi-unemployed, but nothing has changed.

When I say semi-unemployed, there was a problem with the payout from work, and it was going to cost me so much in tax that it wasn’t worth taking the payout (40% tax!!). Anyway, the injury management team worked hard to try to make it better for me, and while it might take me about 7 months to do what I wanted, I took the deal. (The solicitor said that if I didn’t take the payout, the company would just make life hard for me until I quit and they didn’t have to pay me anything).

On Friday morning, when I got back to the hospital from doing my first job, car park supervisor, I met my boss and in conversation I mentioned that I had sore feet, I had seen a doctor and had tests, but I was putting up with them because it wasn’t a work cover claim.

Later I got a phone call from the injury management rep who told me my boss had suggested that because the payout paperwork had to be changed and resigned by the solicitor and financial specialist (who didn’t mention tax to me), that he would be happy to pay me the work cover payment for the week and I could stay home for the week.

Of course, I didn’t argue. So I have a week where I am still getting paid, but I don’t have to go to work. I went in early on Friday to make sure I could get through all the work I had stores on the computer, and I finished that at about 2.00pm (I finished at 2.30pm)

So today I went shopping again to get as much as I could to keep in the cupboard, and I also got some chickens feet and I thought I would try some chicken necks again. This time Rassi loved them, so that is a good alternative as there is always the necks available when the feet are not.

Of course we went to Reynella for my Sunday coffee and Rassilons pats. As I was waiting to get my coffee a woman came out the café and asked if she could pat Rassi. It turns out she has a black female with basically the same history as Rassi. The dog is 4 years old, and she has had her for 2 years and she never raced (too slow).

While I was having my drink the woman came out again with a piece of bacon and asked if she could give it to Rassi. My experience is that he wouldn’t eat when away from home, but bacon overcomes all worries, because Rassi ate it.

The woman said there is a group of greyhound owners that all get together on weekends and holidays to take their dogs out. I said Rassi doesn’t like other greyhounds, but in a situation like this (where the dogs are all on a leash), it might be a good way for him to get together with other greys in a way he feels secure. And if he doesn’t like it, we stop going.

So we had a good walk, and Rassi has had some chicken necks and feet and is relaxing comfortably, thank you very much.DSCN0351.JPG



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