From GAP Yap


Foster Day coming up on the 22nd

GAP SA is holding a Foster Day on the 22nd of Octobernext Saturday!
If you are a current foster carer and looking for a new dog to look after come along! Also if you are interested in becoming a foster carer and want to know more, come along and meet our team as well as some gorgeous greyhounds! We will also be promoting our Foster-To-Adopt program where you foster a dog with the view to adopt at the end. This is quickest way to own a greyhound and will also mean you can teach the greyhound based on your living conditions from the very start! If you have friends thinking about fostering a greyhound, this is the day for them!! Spread the word!
If you are looking to foster a dog on the day you will need to have completed a foster application previously or will need to on the Saturday, please note you will need to provide photos of your yard fencing. Please contact for more information or submit yard photos prior to the day.

More good news, my payout from work is getting closer. I am not going to be filthy rich, just getting enough money to pay the bills, but being debt free is good enough. Once that comes through (about 4 to 5 weeks) I am going to see about the Therapy Dog Service for Rassilon. I think he will be perfect, but he has to pass a Temperament Test first, but I don’t see a problem with that.

(When it comes to being filthy rich, I am half way there. Now all I need is money).

P.S. I got Rassilon on the Foster to Adopt plan. As I had never met a greyhound I didn’t know if things  would work out, and the F to A gives you the chance to give the dog back.. After 3 days I sent GAP an email saying they were NOT getting their dog back.


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