Weekend news, good and bad.

Saturday afternoon. I have been shopping and bought half of what I need to put some shade over the back door, now it is getting close to the  Bathurst top 10 shoot out.

Bathurst is the biggest race in Australian Motorsport, and certainly not something too many sane people would want to do. The top 10 shoot out is made up of, not surprisingly, the top 10 cars from qualifying. But these 10 cars were timed during a qualifying session where only the number 2 drivers were driving. But the number 1 driver will qualify for the first 10 positions on the grid.

The race is run on closed off public roads, and from what I have heard, a normal car/driver combination would have trouble doing the speed limit across “The top of the mountain” and down to Forrest Elbow. Not too many road cars would be hitting the 320Kmh down the straight that the supercars do. (several years ago Dick Johnson went down conrod straight at the 320kmh and just as he got to the chase, the high speed right hand bend, his rear win broke causing a loss of down force over the rear wheels, resulting in Johnson shooting into the sand trap at well over 300kmh).

So I will watch the qualifying this afternoon and the race tomorrow. That’s the good news.

The bad news is…Ross Higgins, who is best known for playing Ted Bullpitt, died on Friday. An innocent woman was killed in the accident that caused so much trouble going to work, but as the scum that STOLE the car and drove at 170kmh (in a 70kmh zone) were minors (aged 15), so I bet that thanks to Australian law and all the do-gooders, they will get away with minimum punishment.

We went over to my mothers place today as I had to take het to the optometrist. I bought Rassilon a lovely piece of rump steak, which he wolfed down. He then found one of Mitzi’s buried chickens feet. It was almost black, but that didn’t stop him from eating it.

I think he needs to be fed alone, because he is so greedy. During the week we gave each of the dogs a chickens foot (fresh). Mitzi took hers to the lounge and dropped it so she could come back for more. (she collects food)

Rassilon took his foot into the lounge and sat over Mitzi’s chickens foot, then swallowed his own whole'(with a courtesy crunch), just so he could get the second one. Then he almost choked on the one he swallowed whole.



Bathurst 1000.

A V8 Supercar race held at Mount Panorama circuit, Bathurst, NSW.

161 laps = 1000Km

Yesterday, running time 6 hours 14 minutes

Winning margin…0.16 seconds

Example, after 161 laps and 1000km, second place was right on the back bumper of first place, it was THAT CLOSE…How close?


1st and 2nd cross the line this close after 1000km


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