Greyhounds, worth their weight in gold.

Yesterday we went for our walk around Reynella. The only thing that bothered Rassilon was someone coming up to him a bit too fast, but all he did was back away, go growling or showing teeth, just well behaved.

When we first got there I stopped to have a cup of coffee, and let people see Rassi, but they were just walking past, so Rassilon decided that if they were close enough they would get his nose given to them so they would have to pat himIt Worked!!

He got lots of attention and was happiest when kids came along. He really likes kids (he can’t be my dog). He even had his photo taken to show someone who also has a brindle GAP greyhound, but not as long as I have had Rassi, and it is still nervous, so I sent along some encouragement.


Just about the right value of a greyhound.


Greyhound owners everywhere going “Yep, recognise that“.

And Now, Training For Greyhound Owners or Prospective Owners



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