SOME politicians finally do something good

Greyhound racing ban: Nationals MPs cross floor as bill passes Parliament.

Unfortunately the vote was 30 – 49, with the 30 defending the people in the industry, making comments such as,

“Thousands of people will wake up this morning and learn they have no future,” he said.

“This will be a devastating impact for thousands of families across New South Wales who rely on the greyhound industry to pay their bills and mortgages and feed their families.”

This was not the sort of response when the Mitsubishi factory shut down in Adelaide. Thousands of workers called into the canteen one morning and told the factory was closing in a few weeks…leaving them with “no future”.

And yet, most of those people still live in the area and are surviving, having made a new future for themselves. So what are these 30 politicians trying to protect? Are they getting something from the industry? Do they have any feelings about the animals that are violently killed? Is it in the interest of their constituents? Personally I think most politicians put themselves first.

But they lost the vote in NSW. What needs to happen is banning greyhound racing in EVERY state, of course, too many politicians will consider the finance over the lives of the dogs.

Now NSW has banned greyhound racing from June next year, it is giving the trainers plenty of time to secure their future by moving to Victoria or Queensland, and rem,ember, the ABC programs about the animal cruelty in greyhound racing came from…Queensland.

For the cruellest trainers, this isn’t the end of their careers, but could be the start of something even better for them, just move to a state that apparently condones cruelty.

So despite the possible future events, Well Done NSW Politicians. Lets just hope this works out best for the dogs.



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