Confusion…Cleared up at last.

America has so many mass shootings and people still standing up for their 2nd amendment rights, but what did the founding fathers really mean?

I finally have the answer, and it has nothing to do with guns.


Now, back to greyhounds. It has come to my attention that a certain Rassilon has learned to stand up on his back legs. But there is a trigger that makes this behavior happen.

When I get home from work I can hear him barking NON-STOP until I open the door and let him out. This turns into a quick touch as he races past and onto the grass where he does a quick turn to race back for more patting. Of course, a greyhound going mad and doing a quick turn on grass means that the grass and dirt get thrown around the garden.

After this happens several times and he has eventually stopped for a pee, he comes inside and lays down on the carpet puffing and panting until I say the trigger words.


This sends Rassilon into a feeding frenzy which starts with the standing up on his back feet. If I am sitting down he will put his front paws on my shoulders, or if I am standing up, I have to hold his front paws.

This continues until I get the “Chooky Foot” out of HIS freezer. Once out of their plastic bag it is a case of holding onto the very edge of the feet, because the next step is Rassilon RACING over and grabbing the feet and running away. Hold too much and a finger could end up in his mouth with the feet, and considering he will then lay down and crunch up a FROZEN chickens foot, I don’t think a thin finger bone would stand much chance.


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