Coming to a screen near you…

I finally got Rassi-Cam 2 set up just as I wanted. Secured to the tight harness and fitted to an extension, so viewers get to see more that the back of Rassilons head. However there were some problems.

The extension, while good in theory, didn’t take into account Rassilons slinky walk. The result was a camera swaying wildly left to right, making viewing anything impossible. Also, it made Rassi uncomfortable to the point where he couldn’t concentrate on the camera and walk properly at the same time.

When I put the camera on him and went for our walk at Reynella, he was so concerned about the camera he almost fell down the steps. I took the harness off him and put it back in the car, then started the walk again, but the second time he had NO problems with the steps.

I will try taking the extension out and see if that helps, but to be honest, I think the slinky walking style of a greyhound is not suited to a back mounted camera, so, Rassi-Cam 3 looks like it might be making an appearance.

And, yes, I have seen an option. Fortunately it is not too expensive (in case it doesn’t work), but honestly, the last thing Rassilon needs is another collar.

Rassi-cam 3

Rassi-Cam 3; a collar mounted camera

Unfortunately Rassi-Cam 3 doesn’t have a display like Rassi-Cam 1 and 2, so I don’t know what I will be filming until I download it onto the computer.

Stay tuned for results.

(As I think about the movement of a Greyhound, Rassi-Cam 1 or 2 would probably be fine on a running dog as that movement is straight, but a walking greyhound slinks along with LOTS of sideways movement, which is not suited to a camera on it’s back).


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