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Problems problems problems

With the possibility of me finishing work soon due to my continuing and increasing reaction to Actichlor Plus and the spreading use of the stuff throughout the hospital, I was looking at volunteering myself and Rassilon as hospital visitors.

But, an an Australian politician once said, “Life wasn’t meant to be easy”. (The only political promise they ever kept).

To get Rassilon visiting privileges he needs a “Trained Dog Certificate”. To get that he needs to pass grade 4 of training, which involves ‘off leash work’. BUT…South Australian law says greyhounds are not allowed off their leash in public, so this is a problem we need to get around.

I think Rassilon would be great for hospital and nursing home visits, but there seems to be certain companies that are taking control and making money out of training the dogs, then charging companies and schools for visits.

This is the ONLY volunteering I would consider (because I get to show Rassilon off), but if it is going to cost me moneyforget it!!

Kilroy’s owners were interested in the R.E.A.D. program in America. Check out the site for more information.


Bureaucracy…making life hard even for dogs.



Don’t change the routine

On Wednesday I had to take my mother to the hospital to have her eye surgery (cataract removed). One of the requirements was that I drove her back home and stayed with her for 24 hours.

This I did. I went over to her place to pick her up, and dropped Rassi off. I took her to the hospital and left her there while I went home to wait.

After picking my mother up we went back to her home, but later in the evening things started to get strange. Rassilon started to behave strangely, then we worked out what the problem was.

I had changed routine, and Rassilon had trouble coping with the change. We did not go home, and he wasn’t spending the night in his own house. He even came to bed and literally hugged me, wrapping his paws around me.

When we got home  on Thursday afternoon, he went straight to bed and stayed there for a while until he needed to go outside, then he came in, had a couple of chickens feet and went back to bed.

This morning he got up at 3.00am to go for a pee, and when he came in he came to bed, but came under the covers, and let me cuddle up to him. Something he doesn’t usually do.

When I got up to do some work on the computer, he stayed in the bed completely covered up.

I don’t know about other greyhounds, but Rassilon DOES NOT like any change to his routine.

SOME politicians finally do something good

Greyhound racing ban: Nationals MPs cross floor as bill passes Parliament.

Unfortunately the vote was 30 – 49, with the 30 defending the people in the industry, making comments such as,

“Thousands of people will wake up this morning and learn they have no future,” he said.

“This will be a devastating impact for thousands of families across New South Wales who rely on the greyhound industry to pay their bills and mortgages and feed their families.”

This was not the sort of response when the Mitsubishi factory shut down in Adelaide. Thousands of workers called into the canteen one morning and told the factory was closing in a few weeks…leaving them with “no future”.

And yet, most of those people still live in the area and are surviving, having made a new future for themselves. So what are these 30 politicians trying to protect? Are they getting something from the industry? Do they have any feelings about the animals that are violently killed? Is it in the interest of their constituents? Personally I think most politicians put themselves first.

But they lost the vote in NSW. What needs to happen is banning greyhound racing in EVERY state, of course, too many politicians will consider the finance over the lives of the dogs.

Now NSW has banned greyhound racing from June next year, it is giving the trainers plenty of time to secure their future by moving to Victoria or Queensland, and rem,ember, the ABC programs about the animal cruelty in greyhound racing came from…Queensland.

For the cruellest trainers, this isn’t the end of their careers, but could be the start of something even better for them, just move to a state that apparently condones cruelty.

So despite the possible future events, Well Done NSW Politicians. Lets just hope this works out best for the dogs.


Confusion…Cleared up at last.

America has so many mass shootings and people still standing up for their 2nd amendment rights, but what did the founding fathers really mean?

I finally have the answer, and it has nothing to do with guns.


Now, back to greyhounds. It has come to my attention that a certain Rassilon has learned to stand up on his back legs. But there is a trigger that makes this behavior happen.

When I get home from work I can hear him barking NON-STOP until I open the door and let him out. This turns into a quick touch as he races past and onto the grass where he does a quick turn to race back for more patting. Of course, a greyhound going mad and doing a quick turn on grass means that the grass and dirt get thrown around the garden.

After this happens several times and he has eventually stopped for a pee, he comes inside and lays down on the carpet puffing and panting until I say the trigger words.


This sends Rassilon into a feeding frenzy which starts with the standing up on his back feet. If I am sitting down he will put his front paws on my shoulders, or if I am standing up, I have to hold his front paws.

This continues until I get the “Chooky Foot” out of HIS freezer. Once out of their plastic bag it is a case of holding onto the very edge of the feet, because the next step is Rassilon RACING over and grabbing the feet and running away. Hold too much and a finger could end up in his mouth with the feet, and considering he will then lay down and crunch up a FROZEN chickens foot, I don’t think a thin finger bone would stand much chance.

I want to meet Philip Begbie, just so I can care for him.

Greyhound racing: 82 per cent want Australia-wide industry shutdown, poll finds

By Brigid Andersen

Almost 22,000 people have voted in a poll asking whether there should be an Australia-wide ban on greyhound racing, with 82 per cent in favour of completely shutting down the industry.

Lateline ran the Facebook poll asking about a nationwide ban, after New South Wales and the ACT moved to end the sport in 2017.

The decision to ban greyhound racing comes after a special commission report into the practice found horrific evidence of animal cruelty, mass killings of greyhounds and the live baiting of animals like possums, piglets and rabbits.

Australia is one of only eight countries in the world where commercial greyhound racing is still legal.

Other countries include Macau, Vietnam, New Zealand, Ireland, Britain, the United States and Mexico.

Lateline received hundreds of comments in response to the poll, including from greyhound owners and former trainers and breeders.

Philip Begbie,

who described himself as a former greyhound owner, breeder, trainer, bookmaker and veterinary surgeon, wrote that in his experience, the dogs were very well cared for.

“And whenever euthanased, done with a heavy heart,” he said via email.

greyhounds grave

What PHILIP BEGBIE considers “Well Cared For”


From the latest GAP YAP newsletter.

go gap

So if you are in the Adelaide region and are even thinking about getting a greyhound, go along, meet the GAP staff, probably meet some greyhounds and fall in love with your future fur family member.