Not Happy, Jan!

This was a catch phrase that came from an advertisement on TV, and it went viral. But it very much sums up Rassilons feelings the other night.

My mother went to hospital to have a cataract removed from her eye, and I was designated to drive her home and stay for the night. Obviously I had Rassilon with me, but when we didn’t go home, but rather, stayed over on the bed/settee, Rassilon was most disturbed.

What happened was a pacing greyhound who didn’t want to get onto the bed, but eventually settled on the other settee until he had to go out for a pee. When he came in again he decided that it was cold enough to come back INTO the bed (at 4.00am). When I was to get up at 6.00am, Rassi was still under the covers, head on the pillow and draped over my arm.


Yes…sleeping under TWO blankets!!

He stayed there when I got up and dressed, and would probably have stayed there longer but I got his breakfast out, and food is FAR more important than sleep.

This combined with his reaction to the seat in the car just goes to show that greyhounds, or at least Rassilon, are creatures of habit, and the DO NOT like change.


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