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Not Happy, Jan!

This was a catch phrase that came from an advertisement on TV, and it went viral. But it very much sums up Rassilons feelings the other night.

My mother went to hospital to have a cataract removed from her eye, and I was designated to drive her home and stay for the night. Obviously I had Rassilon with me, but when we didn’t go home, but rather, stayed over on the bed/settee, Rassilon was most disturbed.

What happened was a pacing greyhound who didn’t want to get onto the bed, but eventually settled on the other settee until he had to go out for a pee. When he came in again he decided that it was cold enough to come back INTO the bed (at 4.00am). When I was to get up at 6.00am, Rassi was still under the covers, head on the pillow and draped over my arm.


Yes…sleeping under TWO blankets!!

He stayed there when I got up and dressed, and would probably have stayed there longer but I got his breakfast out, and food is FAR more important than sleep.

This combined with his reaction to the seat in the car just goes to show that greyhounds, or at least Rassilon, are creatures of habit, and the DO NOT like change.


Other people have the same feelings.

As I wander through the Internet, I find that greyhounds manage to form an attachment with their owners that is different to that of other dogs. I guess that is because greyhounds ARE different.

Big, soft, playful, beautiful, mad, hungry, lazy, cuddly, loving and addictive. Rassilon has now got to the kissing stage. It has taken 2 years and a lot of patience, but I am now getting kisses. I guess they are to make up for the fact that he will steal my chair if I move out of it for any reason.

Here are some things I found on the Internet, in no particular order, except the first one, which seems to sum up Rassilon perfectly.


The second is for anyone who comes to my house. Be warned, Rassilon is MY family.


Sometimes people make jokes, but it is closer to the truth than they meant.


my dog

Adopting a greyhound is a special thing. Adopting any dog is special for the dog, but in these days when greyhound racing is being closed down, all too often it is easier for the trainers to just kill the dogs than try to re-home them

adoption fee

best dog

If my dates are right

If I have remembered correctly, today is another celebration day, but not for Rassilon.

If I have my dates right today is Kilroys birthday. Kilroy is a retired racer, and he has different problems to Rassi, but he has ‘parents’ that do their best to help him adjust to pet life, and looking at the photos, he/they are doing very well. His bald spots have cleared up, as have the muzzle scratches on his nose. I would love to meet Kilroy, but I don’t think Rassilon would be bothered, (Rassilon doesn’t like greyhounds, probably one reason why Rassi never raced).


Kilroy, an ex-racing greyhound

Follow Kilroy on his blog at

birthday_greyhound_whippet_fawn_irish_greeting_card-r0c8f3a7786544e4786d4779d2bb6ab9d_xvuat_8byvr_324 (1)

If I have the wrong date, it will be Kilroys birthday sometime, so this covers it.

Now I know!!

Rassilon had some Ham Slices when I got home last night, as a birthday treat. He also had his frozen chickens feet and a plate (yes, a plate), of fish and chips, Well, you don’t turn 4 every day, and if he hadn’t liked/wanted it, he would have left it.

I was patting Rassilon last night and looking at his back legs and their bald patches. Those patches seems to get better then it goes bald again, and I finally realised why.

For a while I thought it might have been stress. Any greyhound owner will attest that it doesn’t take much to stress a greyhound (and it is usually something we don’t notice).

But Rassilon is leading a completely stress free life now-a-days, but still gets bald patches on his legs. At the moment they are quite good and the hair is growing back nicely, so what is the problem?

Sleep. Or to be more accurate, WHERE he sleeps. In the past months he has had his settee back where he can get to it, and the bedroom door is always open so he can get on the bed and he doesn’t have to sleep on the floor. 

If you look at a greyhound you will probably fine they have a hairless chest, because their chest is so big, when they drop, their chest is on the ground, rubbing as they move. (you can see where this is going).

It became obvious to me last night that Rassilon has BIG leg muscles, causing the bulgy part of his leg to rub on the ground when he lies down. It is the bulgy bit that goes bald!!


Bulging legs rub on the floor causing bald spots.

not rubbing

No bald spots!!

(P.S. The bald batches on the back of his legs are from wagging his tail. He never lifts his tail much to wag)



And I thought I was the only one.