What a weekend!!

8.30 Saturday  morning I got a phone call from my mother. She was in severe pain and wanted me to take her to the doctor. Of course we couldn’t get through to the doctors on the phone, so I said the doctor would only send her to the hospital, so we should go there.

We went to Noarlunga hospital (11.30am) where they did all the tests possible and decided that she had had a mild heart attack. The blood enzyme readings indicated the heart under stress, and the young doctor was very concerned that she could have a major heart attack.

So she was to be transferred to Flinders Hospital. So at 5.30 on Monday morning the phone rang and I instantly had all sorts of bad thoughts come to mind, anyway, it was my mother telling me she had finally got to Flinders, and they were doing more tests.

One of the tests showed she had a viral infection and that was causing fluid to build up in the lungs which were then pressing on the heart. Now story there is, she has been telling her local GP she had a virus for about 3 years, but he doesn’t believe in antibiotics, so he never gave her any. 2 days on them in the hospital and the improvement is amazing. And yes, I WILL be making her get a new GP.

Anyway, with my mother in hospital, Rassi and I have had a house guest, Mitzi. She made herself at home and despite the height of my bed, she gets up onto and then into it. On the first night Rassi and Mitzi were quite happy on the bed.


However, I don’t know if dogs can sense when another dog is sad or lonely, and I hope I can get the photo off my phone, but Rassi and Mitzi were in bed, and Rassi put his paw around Mitzi as if he were giving her a comforting hug. When I can download it I will put it up because it is so precious.

I went into the hospital today after work (I am at another hospital for a while) and my mother had gone for tests, and they said the heart was fine. The doctor may have read the results wrong, or it my be my mothers faith in a healing God, but the Echocardiogram technician said her heart was fine and she hadn’t had a heart attack.

Of course that is a big relief, but she is still very weak after 3 years of infection, but getting better quickly. She went for a walk around the ward today, where yesterday she was puffed out after getting out of bed and into a wheelchair.

Well, it is an early night for me. I had KFC on the way home so I didn’t have to cook. In future, I will cook. The KFC was cold and tasteless, but it filled me up, and Rassilon and Mitzi enjoyed their bits.


Certainly welcome in this house. Come in and make your greyhound comfortable


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