Happy 2nd Anniversary

2 years ago yesterday I was working in Medical Records at Noarlunga Hospital. I was in the middle of a work meeting when I got a phone call, so I went to answer it.

When I got back, I said to the boss that I would need some time off as I was going to go and get my new dog. The response was cheers from all the others in the room (they knew about Kia and me looking for a new dog).

Obviously I was allowed the time off, and 2 years ago TODAY, I went to GAPSA to collect my foster to adopt greyhound. As I have mentioned before, until that day I had never even seen a greyhound other than in pictures or on TV, so becoming an owner was a VERY big step.

But, after 3 days I contacted GAPSA and told them that they were not getting their dog back. That big step was definitely one of the best steps I have taken, and Rassilon, (who’s original name was Casper), is an important member of the family. My mother bought him some lamb chops for a celebration meal, even she loves Rassilon.

So just a few more days and I get to celebrate Rassi’s 4th birthday. I have ordered his present from eBay already.



But greyhound owners already know this.


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