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The Complete set

I now have a complete set of Southern Adelaide Local Health Network ID cards.

At Flinders Medical Center I am a Professional Development Assessor; at Noarlunga Health Service I am a Client Support Assistant and now I have a Repatriation General Hospital ID as an Auditor. I have been here for 2 weeks and have a while to go before I go to Noarlunga and then back to Flinders. While I am here I have to try to find 3278 medical items.


The main entrance building, the rest is spread out over a LARGE area.

However, I hope that soon I will have to give them all back as I hope to have a payout because I can’t work with or near the Actichlor Plus cleaner.At Flinders and Repatreation hospital that is all that is used, and Noarlunga uses it to clean rooms of people that have an infection.


My Nemesis. Swimming pool chlorine dilution rate 3.5 parts per million. Actichlor Plus…1000 parts per million

This of course will upset Rassilon. He doesn’t seem to like me being around too much. It is all right for a few days, but then he gets all huffy and takes himself off to bed rather than staying with me.

If I actually work with Actichlor Plus and hang around the stuff, my eyes swell up and go red and split open, but I found out today that I am getting more sensitive.

I went into a ward to do an audit, but they had just cleaned with Actichlor Plus and the smell hit me, so I turned to leave, but I had been exposed to the vapor and started to itch where my skin was exposed. Once away it takes about 30 – 40 minutes for the itching to stop.

Of course, I had to go back to that ward later and was doing all right but the Patient Service Assistants had left a bucket of Actichlor Plus solution in the corridor, and I could smell it and feel it, and I am currently back in my workplace waiting for the itching to stop. (luckily I can charge my computer battery at the same time).


I work with them so I am allowed to insult them

Well the itching has mostly stopped and the battery is almost charged, So I am going back to work.


All Mine

2 years ago today I had the great privilege of officially adopting Rassilon. It has been a great 2 years for both of us.

Rassilon was hyper-nervous when I got him, so just about everything I did made him run away. I had to learn to control my temper and not hit him or yell at him, and in return Rassi has learned to be a bit tougher.

My sister came to stay with my mother for a week (she had a heart attack last weekend), so I dropped Rassi off then went to pick my sister up from the airport. When we got home we let Rassi and Mitzi into the house, and Rassi acted as though he had known my sister all his life, actually spending more time with her than with me.

2 years ago was also green collar day, a big step for a South Australian greyhound…no more muzzle.

pigs ear

Rassilon, with green collar with the seal of Rassilon badge.

So I have to get Rassilon a treat for tonight, probably his favorite treat would be food, so I will stop off at Aldi and get him some steak,  at least he has to chew a steak, the diced meat or mince is just swallowed, without even tasting it.

Its all about cables

When using a computer and trying to attach something to it, its all about getting the right cable.

‘To connect my phone, so I could download my photos, I had to have just the right cable, and it was the 3rd one I found. The other 2 allowed the phone to charge, but not connect to the computer to download.

Now I have the right cable, here is the photo of Greyhound comforting his “sister”.


What a weekend!!

8.30 Saturday  morning I got a phone call from my mother. She was in severe pain and wanted me to take her to the doctor. Of course we couldn’t get through to the doctors on the phone, so I said the doctor would only send her to the hospital, so we should go there.

We went to Noarlunga hospital (11.30am) where they did all the tests possible and decided that she had had a mild heart attack. The blood enzyme readings indicated the heart under stress, and the young doctor was very concerned that she could have a major heart attack.

So she was to be transferred to Flinders Hospital. So at 5.30 on Monday morning the phone rang and I instantly had all sorts of bad thoughts come to mind, anyway, it was my mother telling me she had finally got to Flinders, and they were doing more tests.

One of the tests showed she had a viral infection and that was causing fluid to build up in the lungs which were then pressing on the heart. Now story there is, she has been telling her local GP she had a virus for about 3 years, but he doesn’t believe in antibiotics, so he never gave her any. 2 days on them in the hospital and the improvement is amazing. And yes, I WILL be making her get a new GP.

Anyway, with my mother in hospital, Rassi and I have had a house guest, Mitzi. She made herself at home and despite the height of my bed, she gets up onto and then into it. On the first night Rassi and Mitzi were quite happy on the bed.


However, I don’t know if dogs can sense when another dog is sad or lonely, and I hope I can get the photo off my phone, but Rassi and Mitzi were in bed, and Rassi put his paw around Mitzi as if he were giving her a comforting hug. When I can download it I will put it up because it is so precious.

I went into the hospital today after work (I am at another hospital for a while) and my mother had gone for tests, and they said the heart was fine. The doctor may have read the results wrong, or it my be my mothers faith in a healing God, but the Echocardiogram technician said her heart was fine and she hadn’t had a heart attack.

Of course that is a big relief, but she is still very weak after 3 years of infection, but getting better quickly. She went for a walk around the ward today, where yesterday she was puffed out after getting out of bed and into a wheelchair.

Well, it is an early night for me. I had KFC on the way home so I didn’t have to cook. In future, I will cook. The KFC was cold and tasteless, but it filled me up, and Rassilon and Mitzi enjoyed their bits.


Certainly welcome in this house. Come in and make your greyhound comfortable

Roll on the 27th.

June 27th, just 16 days after fostering Rassilon is the next BIG step in our relationship.

I got a phone call on the 26th of June asking if I could bring Rassi down to GAP for his green collar assessment. For GAPSA greyhounds the green collar means the dog DOESN’T have to wear a muzzle in public.

Poor Rassi had been very sick from an infection after his neutering operation, and I had done nothing with him except an occasional walk, but he wasn’t really healthy enough to be doing much. So NO training at all, just walking to heel.

I had already contacted GAPSA and told them I was keeping Rassi (as a foster dog I had the option of handing him back if it wasn’t working out), so when I said I was going to go down for the assessment, I asked them to get the paperwork ready just for me to sign, and with the payment, Rassilon became mine.

The main reason I got a greyhound as opposed to my 4th Doberman was…Doberman; $1200.00 for just the dog: Greyhound from GAPSA; $250.00 for the dog, neutering, microchip, vet check including dental, collar, leash, coat, muzzle, green collar assessment and a bag of food.Of course, now the main reason I will get another greyhound…because they are greyhounds.

better than people

There have been times when things haven’t been perfect, but me having Rassi has been good for both of us. Because of his hyper-nervous condition when I got him, and just about anything frightened him, I had to learn to control my temper, and, even if I say so myself, it has worked.

On the other side, from the dog that was scared being covered up, or climbing on the furniture, he has progressed to coming to bed and EXPECTING to get covered up, but only 1 blanket or he gets too hot. Last night he was IN the bed ALL NIGHT.

Then, on July 20th it will be Rassilons 4th Birthday, and if I have my dates right, the 22nd is Kilroy’s birthday. Kilroy lives in America.

Kilroy is a bit older than Rassi and is a retired racing greyhound, while Rassi never raced. If you check out Kilroys Blog, you can see how an ex-racer has transformed.



Happy 2nd Anniversary

2 years ago yesterday I was working in Medical Records at Noarlunga Hospital. I was in the middle of a work meeting when I got a phone call, so I went to answer it.

When I got back, I said to the boss that I would need some time off as I was going to go and get my new dog. The response was cheers from all the others in the room (they knew about Kia and me looking for a new dog).

Obviously I was allowed the time off, and 2 years ago TODAY, I went to GAPSA to collect my foster to adopt greyhound. As I have mentioned before, until that day I had never even seen a greyhound other than in pictures or on TV, so becoming an owner was a VERY big step.

But, after 3 days I contacted GAPSA and told them that they were not getting their dog back. That big step was definitely one of the best steps I have taken, and Rassilon, (who’s original name was Casper), is an important member of the family. My mother bought him some lamb chops for a celebration meal, even she loves Rassilon.

So just a few more days and I get to celebrate Rassi’s 4th birthday. I have ordered his present from eBay already.



But greyhound owners already know this.