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Whats New…Lots!

Monday, a new job and a mental greyhound, a great combination.

I started back at Flinders Medical Centre redoing all the directory maps. The job is supposed to last only until the end of July, but I have almost finished 2 levels (there are 7 levels altogether). Just 1 corridor to do on level 2. But, I was talking to a PSA from level 4 and he said that in August 3 wards from level 4 are moving to level 5, so the wards from 5 will be moving and something will be going into the wards on 4, so the job might go a bit longer, plus they are also building a new extension on the hospital, so I might be in this job for a bit longer.

The hours…well, I can start from 7.30 to 9.00, as long as I do my 8 hours, and I am being left alone to wander the hospital or write up my spreadsheet, it is wonderful.

Of course it means Rassilon is being left alone for longer again, but from what I have gone through today, he doesn’t care.

I got home and decided to have a cup of coffee with some bread and peanut butter. Did you know greyhounds also like bread and peanut butter?? I found out when a bit  was stolen out of my hand, then when I got a full slice of bread, that too was stolen. Still, I managed to get the last slice.

Then, finally, after he went completely mental over some treats (bouncing around, jumping up and picking the treat up and throwing it across the room), he decided that a zoomie was in order, but he didn’t go out to race around…up and down the hall and around the lounge room!!

I certainly get the impression that Rassilon likes company for a short time.




Myth: greyhounds chase and attack small animals.



A total lack of chasing. Myth Busted.

The winds of change

Thursday, and everything is changing.

I got called to the office at work and was told that there is another new job for me back at Flinders Medical Centre. Mind you, in a way I am glad. Getting up at 5.00am wasn’t the greatest thing to do, and try as I might, this job just didn’t “feel” right.

The new job is redoing all the signs at Flinders Medical Centre. There have been lots of changes and areas have moved or changed names, but the signs haven’t been updates, so I will be on the team doing that. At least it should be decent hours, and back to 40 hours a week, so more money again.

Today I had to go o the post office at Reynella, so I took Rassilon for a walk around the front of the shops, to help him get used to people. Well, that was a mistake!! I could only walk a few feet before we were stopped by someone wanting to pat Rassi. At one stage we were stopped by some people at an outside restaurant so they could pat Rassi. So there they were admiring him and patting him, then the woman at the next table said how beautiful he was, so he took a step forward so she could pat his head, and he left the rear end for the first people.

It is good taking him out, because greyhounds and GAP seem to be getting better publicity, and people want to know about the dogs and how to adopt, and I am always willing to explain the process to them and let them meet Rassilon.

When I first got Rassilon almost 2 years ago, rustling a plastic shopping bag scared him and he would run away. Well the other day I caught him in the lounge room (he didn’t see me in the hallway), playing with a plastic shopping bag!!! Throwing it up in the air then jumping on it when it landed. Even today, meeting people and walking up to them for a pat, 2 years ago that wouldn’t have happened, he always tried to get as far away from people as possible.

Getting away from dogs for a while, I had to have a breath test on Saturday to find out if there was a bug in my stomach, but the collector said that because I was on Nexium tablets the test was a waste of time because it  come back negative (I was supposed to stop the Nexium for 7 days before the test). However, if I stop the Nexium for 2 days, I will be vomiting and have stomach pain because I have the Nexium to treat Barrett’s Oesophagus  not just reflux (the order…heartburn, reflux, Barrett’s and then cancer).

Anyway, I got a call to go and see the doctor. Apparently I had such a good dose of this bug that the test still read positive. Everyone has this bug living inside them, it is normally harmless and it is not contagious, but when something triggers it, you get sick, as I did. So now I am on 2 different antibiotics to kill off anything that is left, although I feel all right now.

So now it is bed time (it has started to rain, hard by the sounds of things), so Rassi will be up with me and under his blanket. He really is changing!!

Its all wrong

Remember the old sayings, that were generally true, a haze around the moon meant rain, or  Red sky at might shepherds delight, Red sky in the morning shepherd take warning. Well…WRONG!!


Haze around the moon, no rain forthcoming.


Red sky in the morning with a sunny day to follow.

On the bright side, the newer saying still holds true, Windy weather and you get to sleep with a greyhound on the bed.

Mind you, when that greyhound wants his breakfast you can forget about sleep or having a lay in. You will be pestered until you get up. Having a dog jumping on and off the bed doesn’t promote good rest.


Not working…Spending

I have had a full week off work, well apart from about 10 minutes when I went in on Thursday and left. My stomach has been in a state of chaos for 2 weeks, but is getting better finally.

I went to the doctor who said is could be 1 of 3 things. An intestinal bug, for which I have tests tomorrow, my medication is starting to have side effects (it hasn’t been changed for quite a few years), or it is a flare up of my Barrett’s Oesophagus. Personally I think it is the bug, because I went to work on Thursday but came home as my stomach did it’s own thing, and when I got home I vomited, then went and had a sleep. After that I went shopping, but I actually started to feel better.

I took my mother to do her shopping and we both bought a clothes dryer. I got one because I only have 1 work shirt at the moment and need to wash it daily, and I hate hanging out washing. My mother got one because she has a stuffed shoulder and the doctor said she shouldn’t raise her arm above shoulder height, which she would have to do hanging out washing. We also got the 2 dogs some new treats, and they both (Mitzi and Rassilon) loved them. My mother said not to give Mitzi the hard chew, but she stole Rassi’s and wolfed it down.

We also went to Aldinga to get some dog food. The place I used to go to at Hackham, (2 minutes from home), has closed down, and as Rassilon seems to prefer chicken meat, we had to go to the pet food store at Aldinga to get him some. So 6Kg of chicken mince, 1 Kg of lambs tongues (for treats) and 1 Kg of chickens feet (that was all they had), and Rassilon is fed for the next fortnight. Total cost for Dog food $17.00.

On the way home we went people food shopping. I really must go shopping more often when I feel sick, because My shopping bill was about $8.00. If you don’t feel like eating, you don’t feel like buying food. Apart from that, I have enough food in the house to last quite a few weeks.


Rassilon with his new handmade Martingale collar with greyhound design.



Any other greyhound owners recognise this??


Time heals all wounds

Wednesday night. It is cold and wet and I still have the doors and windows open, because the house is quite hot. I am still wearing just a tee-shirt, no need for a jumper. However, because I have an early start and no TV, I decided to go to bed, and I have learned something.

Apparently Rassilon has got over any mistreatment he might have received in the kennels. He is now living a life he probably never could even have dreamed existed, (if greyhounds dream of a better life), but he is taking things too far. When I get into the bed I have to slide under his long legs that are sprawled right across the bed…and he does not move to let me in!! In fact, the only reaction from him is to open his eyes to give me a dirty look.


He wouldn’t have had this in the kennel.

And comfort is now the name of his game. Comfort and relaxation.


Well I suppose some people cross their legs when they sit down, why not greyhounds?





Greyhound gardening

2 days of intermittent rain. That’s what we have had. The weather was very rough yesterday, in fact, my mother got a phone call from emergency services telling her to secure anything outside because there was 100kmh winds coming along the coast. Fortunately she is far enough back from the coast that she didn’t get the really strong winds.

I am even further from the coast, and after she passed on the phone call, everything calmed down here. However, I have my own 4 legged stormCyclone Rassilon.


the slightly darker area in the middle…greyhound zoomie track. And that goes around the garden.

I was coming out of the shed as Rassi was having his zoomie, and I got sprayed with dirt and grass as he raced, flat out, around the garden, dodging through the trees (both of them), and when he is racing around like that he clears the sandbox easily, and it is about 5 feet square.

There is a pile of rubbish in the garden, that is a turning point, or something to race around. He also uses the car as something to race around. Strangely, he does not race around like a track, he will change directions all the time, racing from the rubbish pile up past the car from the front, then he will change and go the opposite way.


The sand is starting to overflow the sandbox, the holes are a greyhound addition.

I went shopping at Woolworths after work, but they didn’t have what I wanted, so I bought some lamb forequarter chops for lunch. Rassilon didn’t care what his were like, he ate them raw, but I decided to cook mine. There were 3 in the pack, and when I got them out, the middle one, (the one you couldn’t see), had a surprise.


The surprise on the right. The white bit is pure FAT, and of the rest, probably 80% was bone. When the waste was cut away there was less than a mouthful of meat.