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Back to the future

Well, I am happy to say I am out of professional development. I have a new job at Noarlunga GP Plus Clinic which has good and bad parts to it.

GPP out

Well, at least I can find it!


The main reception doesn’t give any indication of how big the place is.



I am no longer a ‘professional development assessor’, I am back to being a ‘patient service assistant’ (PSA), although at Noarlunga, while the name is changing to PSA, they still like to be called Customer Support Staff.

The bad parts are, it is less hours, and so less money, and there is a lot of walking in it. When I was in PD I would walk on average 4500 steps a day. In the 2 days I have been at GP+ I have done over 16000 each day.

As a result of actually doing physical work again, I ache all over. But I will get used to it, I did it before (5 years in Flinders Medical Centre as a PSA), so I can do it again.

The good parts are…I get to spend more time with Rassilon. I am literally a 5 minute drive from work, I don’t have to pay for parking and I have the afternoon free to do what I want. The working hours are 6.00am to 12.30pm, but because it is so close to home, I don’t have to get up too much earlier that I did when I was at Flinders Hospital.

But, typical of a government organisation (yes, I am a state government employee, but not on anything like the pay of the politicians), it was Friday that I was told “officially” that I was starting at GP+ on Wednesday. Monday was a holiday, and I was the only PD person in on Tuesday, so I was gone when the supervisor got back.

The boss said I would have to go back and have a proper farewell…like that is going to happen!!

This morning (Saturday) I wanted to go to Aldi and get a milk frother for my coffee, so I took Rassilon and we went for a nice ling walk around the outside of the shopping centre. It kept me active, and Rassi enjoyed his walk, although he wasn’t impressed by the automatic doors as we passed them.


Happy spending more time with Mr Handsome

Next Saturday we are going to GAP for a visit. They are having an adoption day, and I feel that I would like to go and show off Rassilon. The women at GAP haven’t seen him since his Green Collar assessment, so it will be like a homecoming for Rassi, and now he is more confident, he might enjoy hanging with other dogs and I am sure he will accept all the patting that people can dish out, and I will be like the proud father, happy to talk about my boy. And it gives prospective adopters the chance to meet an ex GAP greyhound.


Rassilons new Greyhound collar arrived today. VERY NICE!!! Check out Dogs to Hounds on EBay. She hand makes the collars, and they are very colourful and solid, and can go in the washing machine. This isn’t Rassi’s first Dogs to Hounds collar either.

Things are looking up on the job front. Although nobody has said anything directly, all the signs are pointing to me leaving Professional Development (I have typed that so often, I can do it without looking at the keyboard).

If the new job does eventuate, I will have a lot more time to spend with Rassilon, but not like being on holiday, when he got sick of me being around. I will have the day to myself so I can do things I can’t do now, like go to the bank!!

One benefit of working in the health industry, get my flu vaccination for free, and today was the day they came around. It is not compulsory, but I normally have it. What with working in an office environment, or having worked on the wards, it is a useful thing to have.

One year I got the flu after having the vaccination and had 4 days off work. Someone else, from ward 5E didn’t have the vaccination and had 4 WEEKS off.

I have said that a lot of old jokes are turning out to be true (How can you tell if a politician is lying? His lips are moving). But someone made a joke about greyhounds, and I have the evidence to show that it is actually truth.

Mind you, I expect every greyhound owner has so many photos of their dog, they could personalise any joke.




People said my neighbour was stealing from the council road works. I didn’t believe it, but when I looked over the fence, all the signs were there.

Its a greyhound thing


It may not be much to us, but to a greyhound, this is heaven. Personally it is not something that will be on my menu very soon!!


No matter what I give Rassilon when I get home from work, he is not satisfied until he has his frozen chickens feet.



The LEAN machine


I have ordered Rassilon a new collar and leash. The collar is a black 2″ Martingale style collar with a running greyhound design. The leash is a 15 meter training leash. I can start to teach Rassi to sit and stay, but still have him under control.

I am hoping to hear about a new job (I HATE MY JOB), it is less hours (and money), but it is afternoon shift and a lot closer to home, so I will have all day at home, so I can spend more time with Rassilon, and put that new leash to good use.

As I was updating the calendar on my phone, I saw that in June we have 2 anniversaries. 1, the anniversary of me getting Rassilon from GAP and 2, the anniversary of Rassi getting his green collar AND of the official adoption

I was always going to make the adoption official, but as we were going to GAP for the green collar assessment, we were already there to do the paperwork, and as I had phoned them and told them a few days before, all I had to do was sign the papers because they were all filled in.

For those outside South Australia, when you get a greyhound from GAP it has a BLUE collar and is legally bound to wear a muzzle in public. But you can apply for a GREEN collar assessment, and if the dog passes it gets a GREEN collar and is allowed to go out in public with NO muzzle. Needless to say, the green collar was my main goal when I got Rassilon, and despite poor Rassi having a MAJOR infection, he passed the assessment first time.


First Sight

The first time I ever saw Rassilon. (Notice his BLUE collar). I hadn’t even patted him.