What happened?

Yesterday I fell asleep at work…twice. Fortunately only for a couple of seconds, and no one saw me.

I had to go and do a bit of shopping on the way home, so when I got home I had some tea and went to bed by 8.00pm, and apart from the usual relief stops during the night, I didn’t wake up till almost 7.00am.

I got up and had some breakfast, then thought of some things I still needed, so I went to the new Aldi at Colonnades (nothing fancy, I prefer the Woodcroft store), but I took Rassilon with me, so we could go for a walk after I did the shopping.

I took him right around the outside of the shopping centre and we met some people who wanted to pat and admire Rassilon, who was wearing a matching ensemble of personalised orange summer coat, 2 inch dalek collar and an orange leash. Very eye-catching, and the orange seems to make his brindle colouring stand out more.

So after a nice long walk, meeting and greeting, we came home. I had some lunch and Rassi heard the cheese slices screaming, because, even before they were unwrapped, he was at the kitchen door waiting! I have learned by now, I am going to have 4 cheese slices, take 6 out of the fridge.

So Rassi had a couple of chicken drumsticks (raw) while I prepared tea, then it was time to relax. Of course I had to find a different chair to relax in.


Now it is time for “nanna nap” for me too. 1.30pm and I am worn out. The long walk didn’t do my legs any favours!!

Definitely time to loose some weight, My legs might not be so sore if I was carrying ** less kilos (oh dear, the number didn’t turn out).



Statistics show that 6 out of 7 dwarfs aren’t happy,


that dwarfs and midgets have little in common



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