Money can’t buy cool weather.

The bureau of meteorology. Millions of dollars of computers, satellites and university degrees, and they still can’t even guess what the weather is going to do.

The weather forecast at the start of the week was for thunder storms, rain and possible flash flooding. In actuality the weather has been at least 32 degrees EVERY DAY. We did have some rain on Wednesday night, but I let Rassi out for a pee during it, and when he came in I still let him up on the bed without having to dry him off.

The forecast has now changed to ‘possible rain’, which translated into ordinary person speak is “Well, it may or may not rain”.

Unfortunately Rassilon DOES NOT like the heat at all. In fact, after this 5 month heat wave, I am planning on buying an air conditioner. If I change the rooms around I could get 2 portable air con units and have one in the bedroom and make the spare room a TV room and have the other in there, and I can still leave the evaporative coolers on during the day for Rassilon. (I rent my house, so if I put in a wall mounted unit, if I leave I either leave the air con, or get the wall repaired).

I went out to open the gates for a friend to come and mow my back yard, and I thought I’m glad it’s going to be him out there and not me. The temperature at 9.02am…

morning 9am

On the bright side of things, I got a photo of Rassilon, but it shows his big loooong nose. He really looks like a greyhound in it.

big nose

Rassi should be happy when the grass is cut, he will be able to see the complete garden. At the moment the grass is getting long and hard to navigate through. Lucky he’s a greyhound and not a Dachshund (and Yes, I have had one of them).


A man went into a bar and ordered 2 double whiskeys, a double rum and a martini. He drank them all and started to cry. The barman asked what was wrong, the man said “I shouldn’t have drunk those with what I have” The barman said “Why? What have you got”? The man said “Two dollars and forty three cents”.



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