Time for some change

It is time I started walking again. I woke up early, and figured it wasn’t worth the trouble of tossing and turning trying to get back to sleep for just an hour, so I decided that, as my knee hasn’t been too bad, I would take Rassilon for a nice walk.

Of course Rassilon didn’t complain, and he even remembered how to walk properly on his leash, and in true doggy fashion and completely unlike Rassilon, he stopped several times to pee. Anyway, 2Km later, we got back.

A few days ago I found the perfect laxative. It was on the toilet wall. These things are not poisonous, but they give a nasty bite that itches for days. But the fear factor of a spider about 5 inches across staring at you has a great laxative effect.



when not blurry, you can actually see these beasties looking at you.


You have probably heard the saying “Red sky at night shepherds delight” well, after 4 months of red sky at night and hot temperature (and by that I mean over 30 Celsius that’s 86 F) by day (every day), the novelty wears off and the saying is no longer the same, but somewhat more explicit! For example, sitting in my office it is now 24 Celsius. Not too bad I hear you say, but consider this. It is 5.30am and heading for a top of 32, but with the weather forecasts recently, I would be adding a few more numbers onto that. (it was 38 driving home tonight, with temperatures in the 30s for the rest of the week, even up to a forecast 38)

red sky

the available curse words aren’t enough after the heat for so long

P.S. The spider is known as a Huntsman, and they are monogamous and very devoted partners. As a result, if you find 1 there is probably another one somewhere close by.



Isaack Newton went into a bar.

The bar tender said “I’ll serve you this time, just don’t get any ideas”.


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