My hero…Ted Bullpitt

I got some Kingswood Country DVDs because I felt rebellious, and I wanted a good laugh. And I was reminded early on, Ted Bullpitt owned 2 greyhounds, Repco Lad and Gay Akubra.(Repco being an Australian car parts manufacturer and Akubra being the hat maker of the Australian Army’s slouch hats).

And what a trainer he was. I found a clip on one of the videos where he talks about his dogs. Boy, do some of us have things to learn. I don’t treat my dog like that. I don’t even own a wheelbarrow.

Does this change your outlook on dog training? By the way, Ted also took his Kingswood in for a regular 2 weekly service, so that gives you an idea of what he was like.


A ship coming from China with a cargo of Yoyo’s hit a reef and sank….34 times.


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