Shopping day treats

I went shopping at the new Aldi supermarket today. I had put aside $100.00 to buy a few things, thinking of shopping at Coles or Woolworths, $100.00 would only get lunches for the fortnight.

Not only did I get my lunches, I got a few other treats including cheese, which was the same price as Woolworths, but this has flavour. Powdered milk, $1.00 cheaper. Condensed milk for rice puddings, $1.50 a tin cheaper, and of course Chicken Drumsticks for Rassilon, $6.50 for 2Kg, and they are nice big ones. They have a lot of reasonably priced meat, but as the shop is new (opened on Wednesday) there were a lot of people there blocking the fridges and passage ways, so I will look again in a few weeks when the novelty has worn off.

The Rassilon superpower was working today. He was on the bed sleeping when I got the cheese out of the fridge and cut a slice to try. Rassilon can hear cheese, because all of a sudden there he was at the door…waiting, paw flapping in the breeze.

you have cheese

Give me the cheese and no one gets hurt.


Still, it was better than when we were at my mothers place and he was walking up to me, so I held out my hand and asked for a paw. He walked past me and slid in sideways and gave me something that was definitely NOT a paw. Fortunately I had a Dobie that did the same thing so I am used to having dangly bits given to me, it is an all over belly scratch. (but not for the shy!!)

Yesterday Rassi had a pigs ear, and I got a good photo of how long and skinny he is. He is one of those narrow chested dogs I wrote about. He looks skinny, but is probably just a touch over the right weight. No more than 1Kg though.

long dog.JPG

He takes up a lot of floor when he sprawls out.

So we had a good day between us, apart from the weather which is back to 35+ again. Rassilon got a heap of drumsticks, which he can share, and I got my fortnights shopping and filled the car up with petrol for $102.00.


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