News of the day

I bought Rassilon a new water dish. It is a BIG one, so he won’t run out of water when I am at work. Although now I might have to get a bigger stand to put his dished on. The one they are on is just over half full of his dry biscuits.


Lets see him empty that, even on a hot day

It holds about 10 litres of water, but it is not without it’s drawbacks. When he drinks, the water level on the bowl drops so more water comes in from the bottle, and air goes into the bottle, causing it to bubble up, of course this maker Über-nervous greydog jump.

But he is certainly getting better. Today he only looked up when it bubbled, whereas, when first tried it out, he ended up in the lounge room.

Unfortunately it does not eliminate all problems relating to drinking. I won’t single out greyhounds because my Dobbies were EXACTLY the same. (My first Dobie, Marah, used to drink from the bottom of a bucket of water, which meant putting her whole head in the water, so not just drink dribble, but wet dog dribble!!).


Sharing his water with his Uglycat (that really is what that pink thing is called).


My mother went shopping today with a friend. They went to the pet food shop at Aldinga, so I ordered $25.00 worth of lambs tongues. That works out, (not counting the ones he and Mitzi had today), to 3 tongues a day for 30 days with 5 left over for tomorrows breakfast. So I have a very happy dog for the next 31 days.

Happy me too. While I was looking for a replacement battery for my camera, I found my MP3 player I thought I had lost. Well, who would think of looking in the bag it came in??? On the other hand, I think I am going to have to tidy my desk, it’s bad when I can loose things on it. And yet my desk at work is tidy most of the time.


2 Irish men were looking for work when they saw a sign that read,

“Tree Fellers WANTED”

One Irish man turned to the other and said,

“Just out luck theres only two of us, or we could have applied for that”.


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