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And now for more food

Thursday, the weather is cooler, but still humid. Anyway Rassilon is going all smoochie, I have been kissed numerous times since I got in.

I had some fruit and frozen yoghurt when I got home, Rassilon enjoyed it as well. Then later I has a Mongolian Lamb pizza. Rassilon enjoyed that too. He had some frozen chicken wings when I got in, but it wasn’t feet, and he isn’t happy until he gets his frozen chickens feet, so he had to have some of them as well. Fortunately I have now found somewhere that sells them regularly. The supermarket at Seaford only got them in irregularly, so keeping a supply in the freezer was difficult.

Anyway, I was emptying the fridge and found a lambs shank. I got some at ALDI, they are not as expensive as other shops. Of course, I used to get them for my Dobies, then Jamie Oliver came on TV and showed some recipes for lamb shanks, so as soon as that happened the price went from about $1.99 each to about $5.99 a kg. I can’t be bothered cooking them up for me (although they are delicious), so Rassilon has them raw, and enjoys every moment of them.

lamb shank (1)

The skinny look, but when he stands up you can see he isn’t

lamb shank (4)

People food, but Rassi will force himself

lamb shank (6)

I just love the way he uses his foot to hold his dinner, or a plate.


Unhappy Greydog

Well, we had a few days where Rassilon was feeling good. I was still over 25 degrees, but under 30, so Rassi was feeling better.

Yesterday was not so good at 35, but compared to today, it was luxury.


In the lounge room at 5.00pm (it actually gets hotter in the afternoon)


Of course, things started off badly this morning. I gave Rassi some chicken drumsticks, he thought he could save time eating by just biting them in half and swallowing them.

This was followed by the inevitable throwing up on the bed, so I didn’t give him anything else today until I got home. He had his frozen chicken, but due to the heat, he ate them in the lounge doom.

Hopefully the weather will cool down now. 4 months of this can greatly affect your temper. It shrinks it.

On the bright side, I had a win at work today. I was left a claim full of food receipts from Japan, written in Japanese…I don’t read Japanese, but the boss wanted me to go through the receipts and work out how many people were eating in the restaurants. I left it on Friday because of the obvious problems this was going to bring.

I had no claims come in the mail, and only a few by email, so I had to do ‘That Claim’. Well it was so much easier than I expected. The doctor had already worked out how many people were eating and what their share was, so I got through it in a couple of minutes.

I was at work with the air conditioner on, and Rassilon was home with the evaporative coolers on. And I may have to leave them on tomorrow, but they say there will be rain on Wednesday. I’ll believe it when I see it.

My hero…Ted Bullpitt

I got some Kingswood Country DVDs because I felt rebellious, and I wanted a good laugh. And I was reminded early on, Ted Bullpitt owned 2 greyhounds, Repco Lad and Gay Akubra.(Repco being an Australian car parts manufacturer and Akubra being the hat maker of the Australian Army’s slouch hats).

And what a trainer he was. I found a clip on one of the videos where he talks about his dogs. Boy, do some of us have things to learn. I don’t treat my dog like that. I don’t even own a wheelbarrow.

Does this change your outlook on dog training? By the way, Ted also took his Kingswood in for a regular 2 weekly service, so that gives you an idea of what he was like.


A ship coming from China with a cargo of Yoyo’s hit a reef and sank….34 times.

Saturation point achieved

Well, it has finally happened, but it has taken almost 2 years. Rassilon is just a dog at last.

I was looking at some videos I have on the computer and I can’t see that delicate sleek strange looking dog anymore. I just see a dog. I have got used to the strange shape that it is now normal to me.

I don’t know if this is good or bad. It is good for Rassilon because now I will probably treat him like any other dog and not like a delicate ornament. But it is bad in a way because I won’t see him as non-greyhound owners will.

At the start having a greyhound was a novelty because they are so different, and not the bloody Staffy that everyone wants, (of course, I don’t need to present an image like that).


And Proud Of It.

But Rassilon will always be different. When he is with other dogs I might remember ‘the old days’ when I first got him and saw the difference.

Of course, what I have is what you would call breed blindness. I know he is different and I know greyhounds are different, but I don’t see him as different any more. He is still beautiful and a softy, but what was so obvious when I got him (the BIG chest and small belly) doesn’t seem so pronounced to me now, I have gotten used to it.

Of course, he still sleeps across the bed, or if he sleeps up and down the bed, he will be in the middle. But he is my dog and he is allowed to. When I am in a situation like that, where he is stretched out on the bed and I am restricted to the edge, instead of getting annoyed, I just think of what his life would have been like if he stayed in a kennel, had they let him, a non-racer, live.

I'm beautiful

I’m Rassilon…you’ve got to love me



This is better.


In the bedroom (Yes, I have upgraded to digital)


As you can see, things are getting far more sensible now. Not only is it cooler, but there was also a breeze blowing which was nice and cool.

If you were outside the sun was still hot, thank goodness for that breeze, or it would have been hot again. If you were out of the breeze and in the sun, it got hot quickly, so for that reason, the back door was left open so Rassilon could go out as he wanted.


Free to come and go.

As it turned out, he didn’t want to. And so much for tidying the bed up. The quilt was turned into a greyhound nest. Still, I had a kiss, and he was certainly more happy, cuddly and active.

For lunch I had chicken Kiev with Potato Gems. I was lazy, so I just used fingers. I put the plate down to wipe my fingers that had got the garlic sauce over them, and magically Rassilon appeared and my dinner disappeared.

Still, I can look on Rassilon as my own personal trainer, making sure I don’t eat too much.

You need to go back…

Go back a few posts to when Rassi got his Thunder Shirt. At the end I mentioned Ted Bullpitt, from a comedy show on TV in the 70s called Kingswood Country.

Of course, with all the political correctness we have now, we will never see Kingswood Country on TV again, or the movie The Alf Garnett Saga, or Love thy Neighbour, all of which I have watched recently, but that’s just me being rebellious.

But to complete what I wrote, in case you haven’t looked on You Tube, here is the classic line from Ted Bullpitt himself.



Yeh, everyone says that!


Shopping day treats

I went shopping at the new Aldi supermarket today. I had put aside $100.00 to buy a few things, thinking of shopping at Coles or Woolworths, $100.00 would only get lunches for the fortnight.

Not only did I get my lunches, I got a few other treats including cheese, which was the same price as Woolworths, but this has flavour. Powdered milk, $1.00 cheaper. Condensed milk for rice puddings, $1.50 a tin cheaper, and of course Chicken Drumsticks for Rassilon, $6.50 for 2Kg, and they are nice big ones. They have a lot of reasonably priced meat, but as the shop is new (opened on Wednesday) there were a lot of people there blocking the fridges and passage ways, so I will look again in a few weeks when the novelty has worn off.

The Rassilon superpower was working today. He was on the bed sleeping when I got the cheese out of the fridge and cut a slice to try. Rassilon can hear cheese, because all of a sudden there he was at the door…waiting, paw flapping in the breeze.

you have cheese

Give me the cheese and no one gets hurt.


Still, it was better than when we were at my mothers place and he was walking up to me, so I held out my hand and asked for a paw. He walked past me and slid in sideways and gave me something that was definitely NOT a paw. Fortunately I had a Dobie that did the same thing so I am used to having dangly bits given to me, it is an all over belly scratch. (but not for the shy!!)

Yesterday Rassi had a pigs ear, and I got a good photo of how long and skinny he is. He is one of those narrow chested dogs I wrote about. He looks skinny, but is probably just a touch over the right weight. No more than 1Kg though.

long dog.JPG

He takes up a lot of floor when he sprawls out.

So we had a good day between us, apart from the weather which is back to 35+ again. Rassilon got a heap of drumsticks, which he can share, and I got my fortnights shopping and filled the car up with petrol for $102.00.