This is just stupid…but nice

After months of hot weather, we finally had a decent rain. It rained a lot on Thursday night, my drive to work on Friday was dry but it rained during the day and it POURED on the way home. Coming home from work I walked to the car and got soaked in the rain…but I still walked!


The last in-car picture showed the temperature as 40c, this is MUCH better


There was some wind as well, so when the rain stopped at about 5.30pm, the roads and driveway were dry by 6.00. But wonderfully, they are all wet again on Saturday morning.

And the best part? When I got home Rassilon was bouncing around again, all excited and playful, and when I opened the door he raced out, had a big pee (after all day locked inside, I do mean BIG), then had zoomies, churning up he ground which is now soft and wet.

Later, when he came to bed he was lying down, but he kept looking up at the door whenever he heard a noise. I don’t know how long that went on for, because I was asleep within minutes of going to bed (even after a big cup of strong coffee when I got into bed). On Saturday morning Rassilon got off the bed and barked to go out (He learned that by himself) at 4.00am, so because he asks to go out, I get up straight away now, and let him out. I fell asleep again once when I took too long to get out of bed, and the result was a clean-up job.

Anyway, I left the solid screen door open and just left the curtain screen so Rassi could come in when he was ready. after a while he came back to bed (complete with wet feet), and laid down and let me throw the cover over him. It actually felt like he was cuddling up to me under the cover, and I started to scratch his ear and neck, and the next thing I know, it’s 6.30am. (and yes, he was still under the cover).

So obviously Rassilon is a cold weather dog, and really suffers with the heat. Or perhaps the vet medication is loooong acting, whatever the reason, it is good to have a normal dog again.


All back to normal. He definitely prefers the cold.




A Polar bear cub asks his father

Cub “Am I really a Polar bear cub, there’s no Grizzly in me is there, or perhaps Panda”?.

Father “Don’t be stupid, of course there isn’t”.

Cub “Well is there any Brown bear, or maybe Koala”.

Father “Of course not, your a pure Polar bear, why are you asking such silly questions”?.

Cub,Because I’m bloody freezing“.


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