January 26th Australia Day


Australia Day; January 26th

Australia Day Celebrations begin and we get a public holiday.

Australia’s national colours are Green and Gold, their great hero Ned Kelly was an Irish cop killer/robber, their national dish is a meat pie, the national song, Waltzing Matilda started off as a German song about a prostitute. So I guess surviving this long as a nation is something to celebrate.


Australia…Green and Gold (?) I don’ know why it isn’t red, white and blue like the flag

And as a born and bred Aussie (I was born in England), Rassilon is happy to celebrate Australia Day.

Jan 26 (7)

A proud Aussie (even if he doesn’t like the heat).

(after thought: at the last check on the Internet, Australia’s Prime Minister is the second highest paid head of state in the world. The Singapore Prime Minister gets 3 times the pay, but they have 227 times the amount of people to pay that (and our PM has just given politicians a pay rise!!)


I wanted to be a politician,

but they found out my parents were married.


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