Well that’s nice, I must say…

I have now been back at work for a week.

The weather is still stinking hot, 39 again yesterday. Today is cooler, we had some rain overnight, but now that has caused humidity. Coupled with the fact that there is NO wind whatsoever, it is cool but still uncomfortable. (It was so bad on Wednesday and Thursday that the hospital air conditioner wasn’t cooling down). On the bright side, my sister in Tasmania has opened her house up to all her inlaws that live in Mole Creek area, because they have about 70 bushfires burning around the area and they all live there. She said there is thick smoke covering the town she lives in. (They moved away years ago after a family dispute).

But back to my news. As I said, I have been back at work for a week and would you believe it, Rassilon is fine, even with the heat. I have been leaving his CDs on all day, but I think I have discovered the problem…ME.

I get the feeling that Rassi likes to be on his own during the day, and having me home for 5 weeks was upsetting his system. I got this feeling yesterday when I got home and was relaxing with a coffee and Rassi came up to the chair and gave me a kiss.

So it appears that Rassilon prefers the mostly solitary life.

The minions have the right idea.

The minions have the right idea.


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