Every dog should have one.

Chick Rassi

Rassilon decoration.

It was my first day back at work after 5 horrible weeks off. Horrible because every day, except last Thursday has been over 32 degrees, usually well over. And guess what, today was 38 degrees with 39 forecast for tomorrow.

Surprisingly, I did quite well at work. A lot of what I had learned had stuck and I was able to work on my own, only bothering my supervisor a couple of times with actual claim related problems, it is just a pity I forgot my login name for one of the most important programs I use. Actually it isn’t hard to forget. I have to remember 4 different login names and passwords for work and 4 more for home.

Anyway, when I got home there was a packet in the letterbox for US.

I thought it only fitting that Rassilon have his own decorations. Well, if it’s good enough for Kilroy, it’s good enough for Rassi. (This is where I saw it).


Keep up with another adopted greyhound learning to be a pet. Kilroy. He is an ex-race dog (from America).

Rassilon never raced, but was brought up in the kennels. He would have been a good race dog because he is so tall and long, but one thing spoiled a possible racing career.  Rassilon doesn’t like greyhounds!!

Kilroy has the life Rassilon would like. He lives in the cold…where it snows. Rassilon does not do well in the heat, but I bet he would love the snow. (My sister in Tasmania, where it is supposed to be cold, and does get cold, has been saying that over the last few weeks it has been 35 degrees there, so even moving there, if I could, wouldn’t help)





Lets deal with one problem at a time.


2 thoughts on “Every dog should have one.

  1. greytkilroy

    Etsy…for all your custom-made greyhound accessories!

    Kilroy wants Rassi to know that although it gets cold here in Virginia, it gets really hot, too. This summer our hottest was about 110F. We keep walks short and shaded if possible, but he’s apt to just plop down and pant pathetically. We’ll have to try out a cooling jacket like Rassi’s next summer!


  2. David Post author

    I don’t know what your weather is like, but the weather here is completely up the creek.
    It used to be that the hot weather would start in January. I remember that well because it would get hot just as kids were going back to school. But this year the hot started in November and apart from one cool day, it has been well over 30 degrees.
    Today it was already 28 degrees when I got to work at 7.00am, and apparently, this is to last all week.
    110 is horrible, but it is bearable if you get some cool relief. We are into out 3rd month of heat. With constant heat the bricks of the house heat up, so when the sun (eventually) goes down, the bricks retain the heat. And last night I couldn’t open the front door because the sun was shining in…at 8.30pm.
    Still, give it a few months and I will probably be complaining about the cold.



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