Who’s a naughty boy then?

After calming down in the cool weather, Rassilon thought he was going to get away with behaviour like it was still hot…WRONG!

I was outside cleaning up after him, (part if the doggy owners duties), and I called to him to come to me. He immediately ignored me and started to go inside. I called him by name abut he just sped up to get inside. I expect my dog to come when he is called, or suffer the consequences.


The Minions know you know, even the bad ones.

I chased him inside where he had gone to the bedroom and up onto the bed…standing, waiting for me. I took a swing at him, knowing I was well out of reach, swung my hand about 2 feet away from him, and he still yelped. I then chased him outside.

Once out, he knew what he had done and his ears went back so far it looked like he didn’t have any.


I cant get my ears back any further, so I will do that cute paw thing

When I called him he did walk in my direction, but not right to me, so I asked for a paw, just so he knew he wasn’t in trouble. And of course, he gave me one. And just to outsmart him, I had closed the door when we came out, so he couldn’t run back inside again.


I’m only in a bit of trouble, so I won’t put my paw right up high.




A little weedy guy went into a bar and asked “Who owns the big dog outside, with the studded collar”
I biker stood up and said “I do, why?”
The weedy guy said, “Well, my dog just killed it”
Biker “Your dog just killed my Great Dane? What sort of dog do you have?”
Weedy guy, “A Chihuahua”
Biker, “How could your Chihuahua kill my Great Dane”
Weedy Guy, “I’m not sure, but I think it stuck in it’s throat”.

One thought on “Who’s a naughty boy then?

  1. greytkilroy

    Sounds like very standard greyhound behavior to me. They’re known to be downright stubborn and insubordinate at times (“Kilroy come.” [dog looks away and sighs]). They’re moody and not particularly eager to please, which is frustrating at times. I’ve found that our ‘hound is even less likely to cooperate when he’s feeling forced or scared. Oh, the ups and downs of life with a greyhound!



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