Enough is enough

Okay, we are now officially p!$$ed off with this heat. I am 4 weeks into my 5 weeks annual leave, and I have hated most of it, and am not looking forward to the last week, or leaving Rassi alone when I go back to work.

We have had over 6 weeks of temperatures in the high 30s, regularly climbing into the 40s, and that is taking it’s toll on everyone and everything. Rassilon has got so anxious, that today he wouldn’t even go out the back door unless I went with him, and when he was out, he came in very quickly. All he is doing is lying around panting. The heat is affecting him badly this year. The heat this year has been hotter and longer than before. Normally the really hot stuff starts in January, but this year is started in late November.


It started off well, but came to a HOT nothing in the afternoon.


Today looked promising, it was very overcast and we even had some rain, of course the ground is so hot from the weeks of constant heat, that any rain evaporated within seconds of making contact, and by this afternoon…high 30s again. You couldn’t stand in the sun without full protection, or you would get sunburn very quickly.

I had a shower this evening, dried off and went to the bedroom to get dressed. By the time I gone the 6 feet from the shower to the bedroom…I was all wet again.

I have three evaporative coolers running. One in the dining room pointing to the lounge. One in the lounge pointing towards the dining room, then I sit in the middle. And the third is in the bedroom, trying to keep poor Rassilon cool.


Trying to keep Rassi cool is not easy. If we have another hot day tomorrow…cool bath time

I will have to leave at least one on when I go to work. Probably at the end of the hallway with the doors shut so the cool air is trapped in the hall, and Rassilon can lay there and try to keep cool.

(Even the die-hard Aussies who constantly say “I love the heat”, have had enough. The heat is all right if you get a break from it once in a while)


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