What a strange day.

hot rassi (2)

Chameleon dog. (Like Indominus Rex in Jurassic World)

What a day.  Hot again. The trouble with the constant heat that we are having, is that the whole house heats up, and the more hot days we have, the harder it is to cool the place down, so eventually you just have a hot house that you can’t cool. This evening when I took the photo, it was cooler outside than it was in.

Yesterday I hung 2 picture frames I had with pictures of Dr Who and The Master. Each frame had 9 photos, so I covered the 11 doctors (I did the frames before Peter Capaldi), and the 4 Masters. The rest were regeneration stages. But when I got up this morning they had fallen off the wall and 1 of them was completely smashed, glass and frame.

Some friends came for a quick visit to drop of my Christmas present. They moved to the Barossa Valley, so I don’t go there often. I don’t want to leave Rassi, and they have cats. Anyway, when I unwrapped the present, you wouldn’t believe what it was…A picture of the 12 doctors, signed!!! A limited edition with number and certificate.

My much better replacement. A limited edition / numbered Dr Who print.

                               My much better replacement. A limited edition / numbered Dr Who print.

Rassilon was very good when they came, they brought their grand daughter, who was the first ‘small person’ Rassilon ever met. Despite his current  nervous condition, he just laid on the floor and let her pat him, it was incredible to see, because the last few days he has been a ball of nerves, (although, I took him to meet my mother at church yesterday and about 6 kids came and surrounded him all trying to pat him, and while I could see he was nervous, he stood there quietly and let them pat him). Maybe he just really likes kids. (Making up for his owner, who doesn’t).

I can see a slight improvement in his behaviour, he is going outside on his own now, where a few days ago, I had to go out with him (that was just after the neighbour smashed into the fence). But even with the improvements, I am glad I have ordered the Calming CDs and a Thunder Shirt. He can have the CDs on when I am at work, and the shirt on when I am at home (even though they say it is safe, I just think Rassi is so incredibly hot,  that might be a problem).       (Not a sexy hot!!!)


fence + 2 days (5)

Not how I would treat a fence if I had been in the house for only 2 days

I think the major problem with Rassilon and Mitzi may be due to the heat. Rassi doesn’t like the hot weather, and we have had several weeks of uncommonly hot temperatures. Mitzi isn’t enjoying things either and she, too, has got nervous.

Roll on the COLD weather


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