Back where we started from

17 months of patience all for nothing.


A photo from the ‘early days’. He had improved, but we are back to these nervous days.

Poor Rassilon has gone back to where he was with his nerves. And it all started when he heard a motorbike with a high pitched engine go past. He couldn’t see it, just hear it.

Then this morning, I don’t know if he was outside at the time, but the woman who moved into the new house next door on New Years Eve, smashed her car through the car port fencing, leaving it broken and dented. It was outside of the gate luckily, but now when Rassi goes out, he just wants to stand and look at the gates. (on the bright, but nasty, side, she did make a mess of the side of her car!!)

Anyway, the rescue Remedy drops aren’t working as well as they did when I first tried them, but they are working a bit. I remembered hearing about a special coat for panicky dogs, so onto Google for a look, but I couldn’t find it. However, I did find a site that specialises in “audio-therapy” for dogs, so I read about it and some of the testimonies, and then I bought some CDs to see if they work as well as people were saying. (Results to follow later). They specialise in calming dogs and cats and lowering stress.


Through a Dogs Ear, calming CD set

It is classical music, but played at a different tempo to how it was written, and apparently, the results are very good. (Google search TADE)

More on this subject to follow.



3 thoughts on “Back where we started from

  1. David

    I like the idea of the thunder shirt for when I am around, but like the massage and acupuncture, they are not so good for when I am away at work, that was the reason I ordered the CDs, I can put them on to play with no danger to the dog while I am out, but I will definitely look at the thunder shirt for when I am at home.
    Mitzi, my mothers dog, has gone the same way. She used to be even more nervous than Rassi and she got better, but she too is getting nervous. (A copy of the CDs to her to)
    My mother said that some people on TV were discussing the strange weather we have been having, so hot for so long but also so early, (the heat doesn’t usually start until mid-January). But someone said that South Australia is OVERDUE for an earthquake. They used to happen every 50 years or so, but we have now gone 64 years without a big one. (we have had a tremor about 2 years ago).
    We all know that animals are sensitive to things like that, and it makes us wonder if they can sense something that we can’t, and perhaps that is causing their anxiety.
    I have suffered from anxiety myself, caused by some blood pressure tablets I was taking, and I know how horrible it is, and I don’t want Rassi to feel that way. (I had it so bad that in the next door neighbours came home and slammed the car door, I would throw up). So Not for Rassi, I have to do something quick.


  2. David Post author

    Later Note…A size XL Thunder Shirt is ordered. (Rassi is 85cm around the chest) The XL allows for quite a range of adjustment to fit.



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