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This is just stupid…but nice

After months of hot weather, we finally had a decent rain. It rained a lot on Thursday night, my drive to work on Friday was dry but it rained during the day and it POURED on the way home. Coming home from work I walked to the car and got soaked in the rain…but I still walked!


The last in-car picture showed the temperature as 40c, this is MUCH better


There was some wind as well, so when the rain stopped at about 5.30pm, the roads and driveway were dry by 6.00. But wonderfully, they are all wet again on Saturday morning.

And the best part? When I got home Rassilon was bouncing around again, all excited and playful, and when I opened the door he raced out, had a big pee (after all day locked inside, I do mean BIG), then had zoomies, churning up he ground which is now soft and wet.

Later, when he came to bed he was lying down, but he kept looking up at the door whenever he heard a noise. I don’t know how long that went on for, because I was asleep within minutes of going to bed (even after a big cup of strong coffee when I got into bed). On Saturday morning Rassilon got off the bed and barked to go out (He learned that by himself) at 4.00am, so because he asks to go out, I get up straight away now, and let him out. I fell asleep again once when I took too long to get out of bed, and the result was a clean-up job.

Anyway, I left the solid screen door open and just left the curtain screen so Rassi could come in when he was ready. after a while he came back to bed (complete with wet feet), and laid down and let me throw the cover over him. It actually felt like he was cuddling up to me under the cover, and I started to scratch his ear and neck, and the next thing I know, it’s 6.30am. (and yes, he was still under the cover).

So obviously Rassilon is a cold weather dog, and really suffers with the heat. Or perhaps the vet medication is loooong acting, whatever the reason, it is good to have a normal dog again.


All back to normal. He definitely prefers the cold.




A Polar bear cub asks his father

Cub “Am I really a Polar bear cub, there’s no Grizzly in me is there, or perhaps Panda”?.

Father “Don’t be stupid, of course there isn’t”.

Cub “Well is there any Brown bear, or maybe Koala”.

Father “Of course not, your a pure Polar bear, why are you asking such silly questions”?.

Cub,Because I’m bloody freezing“.


Bad news; Good news

What a day.

It started off as normal with me processing claims from doctors (for reimbursement), LOTS of claims! Fortunately they were mostly simple 1 or 2 item claims, but I did get one that was awkward. I tried to get the figures to add up, but couldn’t, so I went to lunch and had a break. when I got back, I worked it out first time.

FMC entrance

Work. Good and bad, just like every workplace

Then my work cover rep came to see my boss to find out how he thinks I am going and to find out from me how I am going. Apparently there are two differing views on this subject. Personally, I HATE the job. I was never good at maths and now have a job using maths. I bought myself a printing calculator, and it has been a blessing. I don’t feel like I am getting the hang of it at all, there are so many little rules (most of them I think are stupid).

On the other hand, my boss said I am doing a good job and wants to keep me there until the end of April. After April the job could become permanent, which would put me in pole position for it. After all, if someone else took over, they would have to train them, and it is the sort of job that needs lots of training to understand all the different policies, procedures and taxation documents. I have a vague idea of them and I have been there for 12 weeks (but had 6 off). Of course, he may just want me to be there to help out, never to become permanent

Part of the good news is that the work cover rep is going to keep looking for work at Noarlunga Hospital. That is a 5 minute drive away (literally). I was there when I got Rassilon and was able to race home during my morning tea break and check on him.

The other good news, or great news, is when I got home Rassilon appears to be fine. There was a little bit of panting, but that was not stress panting, it was zoomie panting. Racing around the garden will do that to a dog!

I have found out that he not only knows where his chicken is kept, he knows what the word “chicken” means. I was in the laundry when I asked him if he wanted some chicken and he bounced to the kitchen and was stamping is feet beside the freezer. So obviously, I gave him some feet and then a couple of wings…frozen.

Perhaps there is something to the vets medication!?!?

Breakfast of champions...chicken

Raw Chicken. A meal of champions. Personally, I’ll have chips.

It’s all too much

Last night it all got too much for Rassilon. He was on the bed when people started setting off fireworks. I got frustrated because he started to work himself into a complete panic, panting uncontrollably and bouncing the whole bed, as well as the panting he was dribbling and making everything wet, then he started to tremble. He wouldn’t lay down, he just kept sitting and looking at the door.

I lost my temper as I wanted to get to sleep because I had work the next day and trying to sleep on a vibrating bed that is bouncing up and down is not easy. I put his thunder shirt on him and that didn’t do much at the time. Perhaps if I had the time to wait for results it would have worked, but it wasn’t quick enough for me.

So I resorted to vet medication. He was given tablets some time ago for his nervousness, but I never gave him any. Last night I did. What a difference! Within a couple of minutes he was asleep on the bed, no panting or trembling, no staring at the door. But he did still have his thunder shirt on.

This morning he was fine. He got up (at 5.00am) and went out and stayed there for a while, then came in and cleared his breakfast. (He normally eats about half of it).

I don’t intend giving him the tablets regularly, only when he works himself into the same state he was in last night.

keep calm

Good in theory, but at times they really test your patience to the max!!

Happy Australia Day???

Happy Australia Day

What does this day of national pride mean to people?

To many it is a holiday, a day to party and drink lots of booze and get drunk. But to many of those, ANYTHING is an excuse to party and get drunk. I bet the moron that was driving around the area revving the guts out of his (or someone’s) car  and doing burnouts at 3.00am wasn’t sober.

I took Rassilon for a walk this morning (6.00am). I put his thunder shirt on him and my TENS machine zapping my knee, and we went for a long walk. We saw that, to some patriotic oil companies or petrol stations, who know people will be out driving around on Australia Day, it is a just another chance to profit. Petrol, that was selling for 99.9 cents a litre yesterday was selling for $1.19.9 today. (And I somehow don’t believe that they ALL got their storage tanks filled up over night). They must think people are stupid if they imagine we don’t see the prices rise on pay days, weekends and holidays.

So they feel it is all right to bump the prices up on days when people are going to be out buying petrol. As the prime minister says, It’s not the Australian way. But if he looks around the real world and not his political realm, he will see that this is the Australian way. After all, their national hero, Ned Kelly, was a bushranger (and cop killer). (Oh…He was also IRISH).

Anyway, Australia Day to me was a chance to finally take Rassilon for a walk, and what an ordeal it was. I can see that he is going to have to go for more walks to get used to things again. If a gate creaked…he jumped. If a tree moved in the breeze…he jumped. If something blew along the ground…he jumped. The least little movement and he would jump, and by jump I mean spin his head around to see what it was and stop walking. Do you know how frustrating that can get after a while? At least he was still fine with the traffic. When I first got him he would stop and look around whenever a car came behind him.

Still, I have learned that with the TENS machine I can reduce the pain in my knee and go walking (it appears that it is the cartilage in my knee that is damaged not the ligament as first thought). So Australia Day turned out good for US, because I now know how I can take Rassilon walking again.

Jan 26 (2).JPG

Happy Australia Day everyone

January 26th Australia Day


Australia Day; January 26th

Australia Day Celebrations begin and we get a public holiday.

Australia’s national colours are Green and Gold, their great hero Ned Kelly was an Irish cop killer/robber, their national dish is a meat pie, the national song, Waltzing Matilda started off as a German song about a prostitute. So I guess surviving this long as a nation is something to celebrate.


Australia…Green and Gold (?) I don’ know why it isn’t red, white and blue like the flag

And as a born and bred Aussie (I was born in England), Rassilon is happy to celebrate Australia Day.

Jan 26 (7)

A proud Aussie (even if he doesn’t like the heat).

(after thought: at the last check on the Internet, Australia’s Prime Minister is the second highest paid head of state in the world. The Singapore Prime Minister gets 3 times the pay, but they have 227 times the amount of people to pay that (and our PM has just given politicians a pay rise!!)


I wanted to be a politician,

but they found out my parents were married.

Well that’s nice, I must say…

I have now been back at work for a week.

The weather is still stinking hot, 39 again yesterday. Today is cooler, we had some rain overnight, but now that has caused humidity. Coupled with the fact that there is NO wind whatsoever, it is cool but still uncomfortable. (It was so bad on Wednesday and Thursday that the hospital air conditioner wasn’t cooling down). On the bright side, my sister in Tasmania has opened her house up to all her inlaws that live in Mole Creek area, because they have about 70 bushfires burning around the area and they all live there. She said there is thick smoke covering the town she lives in. (They moved away years ago after a family dispute).

But back to my news. As I said, I have been back at work for a week and would you believe it, Rassilon is fine, even with the heat. I have been leaving his CDs on all day, but I think I have discovered the problem…ME.

I get the feeling that Rassi likes to be on his own during the day, and having me home for 5 weeks was upsetting his system. I got this feeling yesterday when I got home and was relaxing with a coffee and Rassi came up to the chair and gave me a kiss.

So it appears that Rassilon prefers the mostly solitary life.

The minions have the right idea.

The minions have the right idea.

We are going to need a bigger wardrobe!

I got home today and there was a parcel for me, well, actually it was for Rassilon.

Fortunately it was nothing delicate,  because the courier left it in the full sun, instead of leaving it beside the house under the blinds. (Insert your own description of the courier driver here)

Today was the arrival of the Thunder Shirt. I put it on Rassi to see what he thought, and he certainly didn’t mind having it on. He was moving about quite freely, when I put his cool coat on him he doesn’t walk around unless on his leash, and he doesn’t lay down (but it is quite heavy and cool).

thunder shirt.jpg

The box. (I got Rassi the blue shirt)

Perhaps on the weekend when I am around more to see how it works, I will put it on him, but with the heat, I wouldn’t leave it on him during the day, he already has his CDs playing. (Am I really talking about a DOG???)

thunder shirt (4)

Modelling the latest in Thunder Shirts, we have Rassilon, in a gentlemanly two tone blue shirt, fitted snugly around the chest and belly


And now!! dealing with my PET HATE, you have no idea how much these annoys me. Who do you have to text at 6.30AM? 5 years ago you couldn’t have done it, so why now???

In the words of Ted Bulpitt (“no BullPITT…Yeh, Yeh, everyone says that”)

Hate Hate Vomit!!!

(Ted Bullpitt was a bigoted Australian in a very funny comedy called Kingswood Country and the Kingswood was his car, check it out on YouTube).